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College Retirees Association (CRA)


As you enter the rewarding years of retirement, we encourage you to join the Palm Beach State College Retirees Association. The CRA bylaws contain the official reasons but many of us join simply because we have enjoyed working with each other and want to continue on with those relationships, in a relaxed setting.

Membership in CRA is open to persons who have retired from PBSC and the spouse or domestic partner of deceased members. Complete the application form and submit it along with your check for $15.00 to join in the fun of the retirement years!


  • Two free luncheons a year with interesting guest speakers

  • Annual Holiday Luncheon held in December with a nominal fee at a location to be determined

  • Other social activities based upon the interests of our members

  • Newsletter with interesting articles about other retirees doing interesting things

  • College email address and College Retiree ID Card

  • Theatre and bookstore discounts as offered to current employees



The predominant purpose of CRA is to provide opportunities for its members to engage in a variety of social activities, such as special programs, luncheons, maintaining up-to-date addresses, and reacting with understanding and compassion in times of serious illness, misfortune, or tragedy among members.  Other purposes of CRA are to provide opportunities for its members:

a. To continue their interest in and to interact with the College's administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni
b. To volunteer their services to others in the community, especially in areas of their expertise and experience
c. To obtain recognition and benefits from the College for members


Shirley Sullivan, President
Peggy Adams-King, Vice President
Susan Goehring, Secretary
Nancy Buhl, Treasurer/Communications Coordinator
Diana Krause, Newsletter Editor

Committee Chairs

vacant, Programs
vacant, Social

Goodwill Ambassador

Trish Froehlich

For more information, contact Nancy Buhl by email or phone 561-793-3802.

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