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Catering at Palm Beach State College

Boca Raton, Lake Worth, and Palm Beach Gardens

As of July 1, 2019, Palm Beach State College has partnered with Sodexo Campus Services to provide cafe and catering services on the Palm Beach State College coastal campuses. This partnership is expected to take the College Dining Service to new levels of excellence. As part of the financial arrangement, catering revenue from College departmental catering is credited to the operation and, ultimately, when the operation makes a profit, the College receives a portion of those profits. Therefore, the College negotiated terms to the Sodexo agreement that incentivized participation by College and outside organizations when in need of catering services. These terms will also hold Sodexo responsible for growing the catering business for the benefit of both parties.

The negotiated terms outline Sodexo's right of first refusal for all catering (Dunkin being the only exception to this right). Below is the exact language from the RFP (Legal parameters as outlined in the contract):


Right of First Refusal: The Provider shall retain the Right of First Refusal to provide catering services on the campuses of Palm Beach State College with the Dunkin Donuts operations as an exception to this Right. The Provider shall agree that some student activities such as student bake sales and other campus fund raising functions are exempt from the exclusive rights of catering service. Athletic concessions are reserved for Student Clubs for fundraising purposes. ‘Satellite’ catering services at the Belle Glade and Loxahatchee Groves campuses are also exempt from the Right. This does not preclude the option to allow the College and the Provider to come to an agreement to add these campuses to the services provided by the awarded Provider. If Provider refuses, College has the right to negotiate with other catering service entities with the objective of serving only participants and attendees of the athletic functions (not the campus at large).

Exceptions to First Right of Refusal

  • Dunkin' at Lake Worth & Palm Beach Gardens campuses
  • Student Bake Sales and fund raising activities
  • Athletic concessions
  • Catering at Belle Glade and Loxahatchee Groves
  • Events where food charges are less than $50 and items are prepared and prepackaged (chips, canned soft drinks, etc.) from the supermarket or basic take out foods such as pizza. 
    • Attendees must be members of the PBSC Community.
    • There can be no charge for food or admission.
    • An external catering request form must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event if takeout food is to be purchased from an outside entity.
  • Potlucks: A food event that is privately funded by the participants, where all group members bring food dishes to share with others in the group.
    • Potlucks must be for social gatherings and not for fundraising purposes, therefore potluck guests may not be charges a fee to participate in the event.
    • Group size shall be no larger than 30 people and shall not be advertised to the public.
    • A sign indicating “Private event” shall be posted at the entrance leading to the event location.
    • Potlucks may not be held in areas accessible to the public.
    • Participation must be restricted to members, spouses, families, and/or guests of PBSC affiliated groups.
    • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
    • Sponsoring groups may not advertise the potluck publicly.  Notification is limited to word-of-mouth only.
    • The college is not responsible for foodborne illnesses associated with potluck events.

Only services that cannot be performed by Sodexo or Dunkin will be able to consider using alternate vendors.

CaterTrax is a web-based catering ordering program. A valid PO or Supplier Contract will be required to finalize all catering orders, so please plan accordingly. Last minute orders will request use of PCard. Ordering by email, phone or in person is also welcomed. Sodexo is a large company with many resources available to help create the event you are looking for.

Boca Raton:

Lake Worth:

Palm Beach Gardens:


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Belle Glade and Loxahatchee Groves

The College does not have a dedicated food service provider at the Belle Glade and Loxahatchee Groves campuses. Departments wishing to provide food at events may use a vendor from the list of Catering Partners available from the office of Auxiliary Services. These vendors have a valid certificate of insurance on file with the College and may be used at these campuses without additional Auxiliary Services Approval. For use of vendors not on this list, please consult the College's External Catering Procedure for the steps to gain approval. Any questions should be directed to Jessica Bender, Auxiliary Services Manager.


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