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Do I Have the Technical Skills and Knowledge to Learn Online?

Taking a distance learning online course can be a great learning experience. However to be successful in an online course requires technical skills not required in a face-to-face or other distance learning classes. To be successful in an online class requires the student to have certain basic computer and Internet skills. This questionnaire will help you to determine whether you have the minimum skills to be successful. Take this questionnaire to see our recommendation.

For each of the following select the response which is the closest in describing you. After you have completed all of the questions, click the RECOMMENDATION button for our recommendation.

I have access to
The access speed to the Internet which I use,
As far as email is concerned,
As far as bookmarks (also called favorites),
As far as email attachments,
When requested to use or save as a RTF, "Rich Text Format" file,
If a plug-in or other software was required for a computer,
If the computer system I was using had problems,
As far as a chatroom or a bulletin board,
My abilities with a word processor are

We offer those of you who are potential online students, two tests to assist you in determining whether you are a person who will be successful taking an online class. This test dealt with who you are as a person. The other one: Should I take a Distance Learning Class? helps in determining whether distance learning is for you. If you are a potential online student and have not taken the other quiz, we recommend that you link there next. We recommend that after you have taken each test you print the results and take them to your Palm Beach State academic advisor.  Visit our academic advising web site for more information.

Still have questions? Send us an email:

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