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Bachelor’s degrees awarded to IEECE’s inaugural cohort at 2019 fall commencement ceremony

By Janell Carroll

Ten students from the IEECE’s inaugural Bachelor of Applied Science degree program cohort graduated on Dec. 19, 2019, with B.A.S. degrees in Supervision and Management with a concentration in General Management. From the cohort, four students graduated with honors: three were magna cum laude (3.5 – 3.79 GPA) and one was cum laude (3.2 – 3.49 GPA).

The cohort was created in spring 2016 to provide these early childhood educators, who had earned associate degrees in early childhood education, with an opportunity to acquire business knowledge and skills. The goal is for the cohort to use their new management and leadership skills to enhance the early childhood education programs where they work. During the three-year educational journey, the cohort formed a unique bond, supporting one another through the rigors of the coursework.

A second cohort of 12 students began classes last week. For more information about the IEECE’s B.A.S. cohort program, call Laura McCadden at 561-868-3998 or email

 IEECE's B.A.S. cohort with capstone instructor
IEECE's B.A.S. cohort with capstone instructor, Professor Afaf Angelica Anthony.
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