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Instructional Design Technology Tools & Resources

Instructional Design Technology (IDT) assists faculty in collaboratively enhancing their teaching and learning (pedagogy) through the innovative and effective use of technology. Because we continually research and explore instructional technology tools and best practice standards, we can assist you in identifying the best solutions to help you move forward with your teaching goals. If you have questions about any of the supported technology tools listed below or would like to consult with a member of our team, please contact us.


We currently offer fully online support!

Department Contact:  |  ‪561-571-5380


IDT Supported Technology Tools and Resources

Kaltura MediaSpace

PBSC’s Media Storage and Delivery Platform 

  • Allows faculty to easily share video content
  • Integrates seamlessly with Canvas
  • Captures student viewing data for imported YouTube content
  • Removes commercials from YouTube content

Kaltura Tutorial Resources


Interactive PowerPoint Replacement for Engagement and Formative Assessment  

  • Live Online - Offers faculty a real-time way to verify that students are present and attentive (Faculty can award attendance points based on responses in Nearpod)
  • Video Quizzes - Offers pre-designed videos with pre-embedded quiz questions. Features robust functions that aren't available in Kaltura video quizzes
  • Interactivities – Facilitates polling, quizzing, collaboration and gamification


Please note that faculty must request access to utilize PBSC’s institutional Nearpod account.


Nearpod Tutorial Resources


Video Platform for Virtual Instruction - Zoom Is Integrated in Canvas

Other instructional tech tools such as Kaltura MediaSpace and Nearpod can be utilized synchronously during a Zoom class session. 

Zoom Tutorial Resources

Microsoft Teams

Communications Platform - MS Teams Is Integrated in Canvas

Microsoft Teams includes videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration. Other instructional tech tools such as Kaltura MediaSpace and Nearpod can be utilized synchronously during a Teams meeting.

  • Chat remains visible in the Teams app after class sessions end 
  • Recordings are easily grouped together in the Teams App 


To request Microsoft Teams software installation or to create a new PBSC Team or new Private Channel in Teams, please contact PBSC Information Technology.


Microsoft Teams Tutorial Resources


Video Discussion Thread Platform

  • Enables students to express their thoughts and needs verbally rather than in writing 
  • Allows faculty to observe students’ gestures and expressions during discussions
  • Helps build strong Communities of Inquiry with face-to-face communication, even in an asynchronous learning environment
  • Enables asynchronous Virtual Help/Office Hours

Flipgrid Tutorial Resources


Interactive Virtual Tours, Interactive 360º Video and Images for Active Learning

  • Allows users to create branching visual learning explorations that combine video, audio, text, and images 
  • Enables creation of 360-degree image or video tours and instruction based on workspaces or laboratories 
  • Lets users create hotspots on timelines, maps, videos or images that incorporate text and multimedia

ThingLink Tutorial Resources

Simple Syllabus

Centralized, Template-Driven Syllabus Platform

Simple Syllabus is PBSC’s required syllabus publication platform for courses in all modalities. 

Simple Syllabus Tutorial Resources

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark)

Integrated Suite of Media Creation Applications

  • Serves as a UDL tool for student choice in demonstration of learning 
  • Allows users to create slide-based videos with music and voiceover 
  • Offers templates for simple infographics 
  • Includes simple webpage designs 

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Tutorial Resources

Articulate Interactive Learning Elements

Content Authoring Platform for Creating Interactive Learning Experiences and Software Simulations

  • Enables creation of interactive formative assessments 
  • Allows for digital presentation of formerly static content 
  • Includes options for creating drag-and-drop exercises, matching and sorting exercises, Jeopardy-type quiz games, branching scenarios, virtual escape rooms, and more


Please note that IDT support is required for all Articulate projects. IDT will collaborate with you throughout the design and implementation process. To request consultation or assistance, please contact us at


Articulate Tutorial Resources

Technology Resources for Faculty to Share with Students

Many technology resources are available to assist students with coursework. The following is a partial list faculty may provide for students.


Kaltura for Students - PBSC’s Media Storage and Delivery Platform 


Microsoft Office Download Instructions (for Students to Download MS Office on a Personal Computer)

PBSC currently does not offer Office Online or OneDrive access for students. However, students can download Microsoft Office applications with a valid Palm Beach State College institutional email account. For all support questions related to MS Office, please contact PBSC Information Technology.


New Student eLearning Orientation



Palm Beach State College Library has adopted OpenAthens as an authentication and management system for the Library's licensed online resources. 


QR Code Monkey - Free QR Code Creation Tool for Easy Access to Web Content 


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Palm Beach State College utilizes Two-Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA). 2FA provides additional security to online accounts. After entering your PBSC login credentials you may be asked to authenticate with additional methods. Those methods may include a phone call or authentication through a mobile app. All students, faculty, and staff are required to enroll in 2FA. For all support questions related to 2FA, please contact PBSC Information Technology.


Zoom - Video Platform for Virtual Instruction


IDT periodically hosts live workshops and webinars to present technology tools of interest to faculty. For a schedule of upcoming events visit our Workshops Calendar & Registration page.

Video recordings of many previous webinars and short video tutorials are also available on-demand.

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