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Nontraditional Careers for Women

  • Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice

  • Engineering Technology

    Engineering Technology

  • Cybersecurity


  • Alternative Energy

    Alternative Energy

  • Welding


  • Electrical Power Technology

    Electrical Power Technology

  • Horticulture


  • Diesel


  • Heating & Air Conditioning

    Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Environmental Science

    Environmental Science

  • Film


Today women make up almost half the U.S. workforce, and long gone are the days when the only jobs open to women were as teachers, nurses, secretaries and retail sales clerks. However, only about 10% of women today work in nontraditional occupations, despite the fact that they can earn 20-30% more than women in traditional occupations.

Women Prepare for Nontraditional Careers at Palm Beach State!

The programs listed below lead to careers considered nontraditional for women. For a complete listing of our programs, go to

Degree & Certificate Legend:  AS - Associate in Science degree, CCC - College Credit Certificate, CCP- Career Certificate Program

Apprenticeship Programs (Building Trades)

Automotive & Transportation

  • Automotive Service Technology (CCP)
  • Diesel Technology (CCP)
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics (CCP)

Computer Science & Information Technology

  • Cisco CCENT & CCNA programs (CCC)
  • Computer Programming (CCC, AS)
  • Information Management (CCC, BAS)
  • Information Security (CCC)
  • Java Programming (CCC)
  • Mobile Application Development (CCC)
  • Networking (CCC, AS)

Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice Academy (various
  • CCPprograms)
  • Criminal Justice Technology (AS)

Electrical Power Technology

  • Alternative Energy Engineering Technology (CCC)
  • Electrical Power Technology (AS)

Electrician (CCP)

Engineering Technology

  • Engineering Technology Support Specialist (CCC)
  • Rapid Prototyping Specialist (CCC)
  • Engineering Technology (AS)

Environmental Horticulture

  • Landscape & Horticulture Management (AS)
  • Landscape & Horticulture Professional I & II (CCC)
  • Landscape & Horticulture Specialist (CCC)

Environmental Science

  • Environmental Science Technician (CCC)
  • Environmental Science Technology (AS)
  • Hazardous Materials Specialist (CCC)

Facilities Maintenance (CCP)

Creative Arts & Communication

  • Cinematography (CCC)
  • Digital Animation (CCC)
  • Directing & Producing (CCC)
  • Motion Picture Production (CCC, AS)
  • Recording Arts (CCC)

Fire Science

  • Fire Science Technology (AS)
  • Firefighter (CCP)
  • Fire Officer Supervisor (Officer 1) (CCC)

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) (CCP)

Machining Technology (CCP)

Security Systems Technician (CCP)

Welding Technology (CCP)


Working Toward Gender Balance

As women make inroads into male-dominated fields, careers once considered nontraditional are becoming more gender balanced. These include rewarding fields like biotechnology, business, internet services/website development, food service management, emergency management and emergency medical services. Of course, there is still progress to be made. Just remember: Don't let gender stereotypes stop you from pursuing your dream job! To keep up with the latest labor statistics, bookmark the Data & Statistics page of the U.S. Department of Labor website.

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