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Theatre Art Gallery

Eissey Campus Theatre Lobby Gallery

Open Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm and one hour before each event

To inquire about exhibiting artwork, contact the Theatre office at
561-207-5905 or e-mail to Artwork Inquiry

View information on art exhibits at
The Art Gallery on the Eissey Campus, located in the BB classroom building.

Women in the Visual Arts                March 12, 2019 to May 2, 2019

The Eissey Campus Theatre Art Gallery presents "Visions 2019" the 1st annual exhibition featuring Women in the Visual Arts (WITVA) exhibiting side by side with the Art Teachers of Palm Beach County.

Over the last three decades, WITVA's mission has been to support women artists in South Florida and to sponsor student artists with scholarships and awards through programs and art shows. 

Artists featured in this show are:

Genesis Allione, Margo Berkson Berg, Brent Bludworth, Jerilyn Brown, Sally Cooper, Renee Frank, Jennifer Love Gironda, Lucia Gomez, Abbe Kalman, Sharon Kleiman, Deirdre Kline, Cynthia Oakes, Isidro Pentzke, Janet Schwartz, Anita Seltzer and Chrisanthy Gumas Vargo





                                      Isidro Pentzke
                      Art Teacher of Palm Beach County
              CBSF (Caring Brother and Sisters Foundation)

 picture of women with scarfs







                                           Anita Seltzer
                                         WITVA Member
                                     Zoltar the Visionary
                                     Digital Photography

 picture of zoltar
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