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Procedures:  Manuals & Guidelines

Procurement Procedure Manual
PCard Manual
Bulk Mailing Procedures
Equipment Quote Request Procedures
Contract Procedures/Guidelines
Prohibited Vendors

Training Classes


The go-live date for the new Workday ERP system is fast approaching but until then, Panthernet Job Aids have been provided to help you with the most frequently used areas of Panthernet. 





Panthernet Job Aids

Office Depot

Training for ordering office supplies, from our currently contracted vendor Office Depot, takes about 10 minutes and can be done over the telephone. This training will help you learn how to enter an annual blanket office supply requisition for your department, how to place an online order with Office Depot, what items are allowed and those that are prohibited.

Schedule Training

Tranetta Rutherford  561-868-3464 
Senior Buyer


All new PCard users are required to attend a mandatory 30-minute training session prior to receiving a PCard. Refresher courses are also available.

  1. Download, complete and sign a Cardhold Agreement.
  2. Schedule your training.
  3. Print a copy of the PCard Manual and bring to your training session.

Schedule Training

Thomas Harkins  561-868-3091
PCard Specialist

Purchasing Office Location: Lake Worth Campus | PS100 (Printshop) Building
4200 Congress Avenue, MS# 27
Lake Worth, FL 33461-4796
Phone 561-868-3459

Location Map

Self-Help Job Aids

Understanding Requisition Backup Paperwork
Types of Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Life Cycle Guide
Performer Agreement User Guide

Office Depot Ordering Process
How to Process a PCard Transaction
How to Enter a Department Requisition PDF Adobe pdf Button
How to Enter a Department Requisition Video Video Button
Panthernet Job AidsNew

Forms and Applications

Bulk Mailing Form
Emergency Purchase Requisition
Hardware/Equipment Request
Name Change from PBCC to PBSC
Petty Cash Voucher
PCard Application and Agreement
PCard Temporary Limit Increase or Restriction Lift Form
Purchase Order for Commodities and Services Terms and Conditions
Public Entity Crimes Form
Routing Slip
Surplus Property Disposition Form
Tax Certificate of Exemption (Palm Beach State College)
Vendor Applications
W-9 Form (Palm Beach State College)


Apprenticeship Agreement
Consultant Agreement
Performer Agreement
Performer Agreement Cover Sheet (required for all performance agreements)
Contract Procedures/Guidelines (VPABS)
How to properly submit a Performer Agreement

SQL Reports

Vendors that require prior approval from Purchasing before ordering  SQL Server Icon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Contracts/Agreements FAQ

    When typing a Performer Agreement, can I use the owners name instead of the company name?

    The performer's name must match exactly the name as it appears on their Vendor Application and W-9 or the agreement will be rejected. The registered vendor name will be listed in Panthernet (CM-VE-VN).

    Do I need a Performer Agreement for a no-charge ($0) performance?

    Yes. For liability purposes, a Performer Agreement is needed anytime any outside entity comes onto

  • PCard FAQ

    How do I get a PCard?

    All requests for PCard issuance must be submitted via the PCard Program: Cardholder Application/Agreement form.  The completed from must be signed by the applicant and the applicant’s manager.  Once signatures are obtained, the form should be submitted to PCard office then training can be scheduled. See PCard Training for details.

    Where do I find the PCard Procedure Manual?

    PCard Procedure Manual

    How long does it take to receive a PCard once the application is submitted?

    It could take up to 2 weeks to receive the PCard.  The applicant will be contacted by the PCard office to attend a mandatory training prior to being issued the PCard.

    Is Palm Beach State College exempt from paying sales tax?

    Palm Beach State College is exempt from paying sales taxes within the State of Florida. If a cardholder is charged sales tax, he/she should either have the vendor reimburse the taxes or pay out of pocket at the cashier’s office. You can obtain a copy of the College's tax exemption certificate online.

    What is the deadline to process transactions?

    When transactions are downloaded to PantherNet, an auto-generated email is sent to the cardholder and processor of the cardholder’s transactions.  Transactions should be processed within 3 business days of receipt of the auto-generated email.

    What is the deadline to submit the statement and receipts?

    Statements are always delivered to the cardholder the following month.  For instance, if purchases are made in November, cardholders should receive their statement by the beginning of December. Statements and corresponding receipts are due by the last business day of the month.

    When a transaction is rejected, the system does not allow the org unit or GL code to be changed.  How can the correction be completed?

    Press F6 to de-commit the funds.  Only then will the system allow changes to the org unit and GL code.

    Once submitted, when will a limit increase take effect?

    Please allow 24hrs for limit increases and restriction lifts to be completed.

    Can I buy an iPad using my PCard?

    No. All iPad purchases must be made by the I.T. Department. For further information, please contact the iTAC (Help Desk) 561-868-3100.

    I mistakenly used my PCard to make a personal purchase. What do I need to do?

    Take a completed deposit log form along with cash to the cashier's office to reimburse the College. Attach the cashier's paid receipt to the bank statement and submit to the PCard office.

  • Technology FAQ

    Can I buy an app from a Windows App Store?

    Windows app stores do not accept purchase orders. If a department requires an app that is offered
    only through one specific Windows App Store, then I.T. must make that purchase. The requesting department will budget transfer the funds to I.T. so the purchase can be made. Contact the I.T. Help Desk for more details.

    How do I buy a USB (thumb) drive?

    The Information Technology department maintains a list of College Standard Hardware Items, including USB drives and can assist your with the selection best suitable for your situation.

    Once selected, you will need to reach out to Purchasing to request a quote. Purchasing will obtain the quote, send it to you and you will need to enter a requisition in Panthernet.

    How can I get a used/recycled USB drive?

    Contact the I.T. Service Desk.

    What is the process to order a technology-related item for my computer or other device?

    The Information Technology department maintains a list of College Standard Hardware Items and can assist you with the selection best suitable for your situation.

    Once selected, you will need to reach out to Purchasing to request a quote. Purchasing will obtain the quote, send it to you and you will need to enter a requisition in Panthernet.

    Can I buy computer items from Office Depot or anywhere else?

    No. All computer-related items must be purchased through the Informational Technology Department. Contact the I.T. Service Desk.

    I need a new fax machine. Is there a certain model I'm required to purchase?

    Yes, I.T. has identified a particular brand and model that is required for college use. Contact the Purchasing Department to request a quote for a new fax machine. 

  • Miscellaneous FAQ

    How do I order a fire extinguisher for our office?

    Contact the Chief Fire Official in the Facilities Building Department for prior approval of need and specific extinguisher type. Any new extinguishers must be added to Facilities' certification list and will require monthly inspection by Security and annual testing. Once approved, obtain a quote then place your order by entering a requisition or purchase using a PCard.

    Where do I order letterhead and envelopes with a College return address for my specific campus (other than Lake Worth)?

    Letterhead and envelopes with a campus-specific return address must be ordered directly from the College Print Shop (1-3463).

    May I receive personal shipments at the College even though I have paid for the shipping?

    No, personal shipments may not be received at the College; if they are, any costs will be personally reimbursed to the College by the individual.

    Can I buy bandages or a first aid kit anywhere?

    Departments may purchase first aid kits and supplies from any reputable vendor, subject to applicable PBSC procurement policies, by the most cost effective and/or efficient means (i.e. PCard, Blanket Purchase Order, etc.). The contents of each first aid kit should follow the recommendations contained in ANSI Z308.1-2009. Be sure to read First Aid Kit Program manual provided by the office of Safety and Risk Management, for further details.


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