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AFC Officers & Commissions

Palm Beach State College AFC Chapter Officers

Voting Officers (Elected)
Title Name Phone Number Email
President Allen Webber 561-868-3267
President-Elect Joan Roberts 561-868-3856
Vice President, Belle Glade Halimeh Shatara 561-993-1155
Vice President, Boca Raton Joseph Brownlee 561-862-4469
Vice President, Lake Worth Dalila Rodriguez 561-868-3877
Vice President, Loxahatchee Groves Marjorie Garland 561-790-9007
Vice President, Palm Beach Gardens Bridget Rogers 561-207-5061
Treasurer & Travel Coordinator Ayleen Martinez 561-868-3275



Non-Voting Officers (Advisory)
Title Name Phone Number Email
Membership Database Coordinator Jane Fisher 561-868-3561
Legislative Representative Tracy Ciucci 561-868-3439
Community Service Coordinator Faith Lee 561-993-1435
Public Relations/Social Media Coordinator Tabatha B. McDonald 561-868-3127
Social Activities Coordinator Shannon Smigo 561-868-3357
Scholarship Coordinator Nancy Buhl 561-793-3802


Statewide AFC Commissions


Statewide AFC Committee

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