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SQL Reporting Tool Instructions

Login User Name/Password

  • When you click on a report link, a login pop-up box will appear (see FIG 1.0)
  • Enter your full email address (i.e. in the User name field
  • Enter your email/network/PantherNet password in the Password field
  • Click Ok button to log in and open/view the report.

FIG 1.0 Login Pop-up box

sql report - login information


Report Parameters

  • Some SQL reports may allow users to select parameter value(s) from a drop down list or by entering parameter value(s) to filter/refine the report data (see FIG 2.0 and 3.0)
  • Some Report outputs can be filtered by using wildcard characters - which, in this tool, is the Percent character %. For an example, if a free form range allows input (rather than a drop down list) and you wanted all student activity accounts (which we know start with Org Numbers 251), you could enter for State Org 251% and then a Qual1 of % and Location of %. This would provide an output for all student activity accounts for the college as a whole. If you wanted Lake Worth related then substitute 10 for the Location and only Lake Worth will output - with the same parameters restricted to location 10 (see FIG 3.0)

FIG 2.0 Select Parameter value from Drop Down List

sql parameters - drop down list


FIG 3.0 Enter Parameter value

sql wildcard parameters


Expand/Collapse Report

  • Some reports are summarized (or collapsed) and can be ‘expanded' to detail or rolled back up - look for "+" signs or "-" signs, or Expand All ? Yes or No (See FIG 4.0).

FIG 4.0 Expand/Collapse Report

sql reports - expand/collapse


Find Text in a Report

  • Find feature can help you locate a search term (word, number, partial phrase, etc.) - especially helpful if an item you're looking for is on a different page of output than you are viewing (see FIG 5.0).

FIG 5.0 Find/Search Term

sql reports - find


Export Reports

  • After a report is viewed, you can export it to different formats provided - Excel, PDF, Word, etc. Select the format type from the Export drop down menu (see FIG 6.0).

FIG 6.0 Export a Report

sql reports - export

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