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The information and links found on this page will assist you in accessing the College wireless network PAW.

Important Links

Access Points

Computer Use

By logging into the Palm Beach State College Wireless Network you agree not to perform any of the illegal uses listed below.

Illegal Use of a Campus Computer

  1. Use for the violation of personal privacy or for the committing of crimes.
  2. Unauthorized access to or use of computer, computer system, network, software or data.
  3. Unauthorized alteration of computer equipment software, network or data.
  4. Unauthorized duplications or use of computer programs or files.
  5. Making unauthorized changes to a computer account or other deliberate action that disrupts the operation of computer systems serving other students or the College community generally.
  6. Storing, posting, or displaying obscene or offensive data.
  7. Any activities, which adversely affect the reputation or image of Palm Beach State College.
  8. Transmitting unsolicited material such as repetitive mass e-mailings, chain messages, or advertising for private purposes.
  9. Attempts to circumvent established security procedures or to obtain access privileges to which a user is not entitled.
  10. Unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction of another user’s data, programs, or electronic mail.
  11. Attempts to obtain unauthorized access to either local or remote computer systems or networks.
  12. Running any server services (i.e. IIS (Internet Information Services), personal web servers, etc.) on college computers is prohibited.



What is my login ID?
Students – Your login ID is your student-id. Your Student ID begins with the first letter of your first name and is followed by 8 numeric digits. You can find this number by looking at the Student ID on the back of your PantherCard. You may also find your login ID (Student ID) if you log onto PantherWeb and select ‘Profile --> ‘Change Address’. Your Student ID will be displayed at the top of this page. You will also see your Student ID on the Address Confirmation window that appears when you log on the first time each term.

Faculty/Staff – Your login ID is your network-id. Your network-id is your email address without the (example: email address =; network-id = doej). If you do not know your College email address you can go to the college website and click on ‘peoplefinder’, enter your name and press the ‘Search button’. Your name should appear in the list. Click on your name and your email address is listed on the bottom left of that page.

What is my Password/Pin?
Students – Even though you will be using your Student-id instead of your social security number for logging into the wireless system, your pin will be the same as the pin that you use for logging onto PantherWeb.

Faculty/Staff – Your Password is the same password you use to log into the Palm Beach State network.

What is Panthercard?
Panthercard is a photo-id card that can be issued to any currently enrolled student (current or future terms). This card will allow you to check out books from the library, make photocopies, print in the SLC and LLRC, act as your Palm Beach State student identification card, and get you discounts at local merchants! Your student-id is located on the back of the card.

How do I change my Password/PIN?
Logon to PantherWeb and select ‘Personal Info’ --> ‘Change Pin’
Then enter the requested information.
Note: This change could take up to 30 minutes to update PantherLink Access Wireless.

My Panthercard does not have my student ID, what do I do?
If the Panthercard was printed prior to September, 2004, it may not have the student ID on the back of the card. You are entitled to a free replacement PantherCard that will print the Student ID. Go to the Carding Office located just north of the bookstore on Central campus, and request another card with the Student ID. You also can retrieve your number if you log onto PantherWeb and select ‘Personal Info’ --> ‘Change Address’. Your Student ID will be displayed at the top of this page.

My PantherCard has been lost or stolen. What should I do?
You should immediately notify the PantherCard Office of the situation at 561-868-3567. Your account will then be inactivated to prevent unauthorized use until a replacement card can be issued and your account re-activated.

How do I get a replacement PantherCard?
Replacement PantherCards are available during regular business hours at the campus bookstore for a fee of $10. The replacement fee must be paid in advance at the Cashier’s Office, and a receipt must be presented at the ID station before the new card can be issued.

What if my login or password fails?
Students – Please verify that you are using your complete Student ID and not your SSN as the Login ID. Your Student ID begins with a letter and is followed by 8 numeric digits. If you are still unable to log in, you may call the Registration office to have your password reset.

Faculty/Staff - Please verify that you are using your network ID and password (example: email address =; network ID = doej). If you are still unable to log in, you may call the Service Desk to have your password reset.

Who can use the wireless network?
Currently registered students. If you are registered for a course at Palm Beach State College, you can use the wireless network.

What can I access while on the wireless network?
You can access Internet web sites, receive email on your POP or IMAP email accounts, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers. For full email access (send and receive) we suggest you use your email provider’s web GUI.

How do I print from the wireless network?
Printing is not possible from the wireless network. You will need to copy your information or your print job to disk (floppy or CDR/CDRW) or external flash memory and use that media to print from a pay-for-print station. The Bookstore has a supply of media for sale.

Can I check my email account through the wireless network?
You should be able to receive mail using POP and IMAP. However, for full email access (send and receive) we suggest you use your email provider’s web GUI.

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Student Help Desk: (561) 868-4000

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