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Hospitality Choice Programs

Culinary Operations

8800510 Culinary Arts 1
8800520 Culinary Arts 2
8800530 Culinary Arts 3
8800540 Culinary Arts 4

Hospitality & Tourism

8850110 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism
8845140 Computer Technology for Travel & Tourism
8845120 Travel & Tourism Marketing Management
8845130 Hospitality & Tourism Internship
8800420 Hospitality & Tourism OJT

*Minimum required completed high school program courses listed to qualify for evaluation.


Choose your high school CTE program* and see what college courses you may qualify for and what you need to complete.

High School Programs:

Culinary Arts If you completed: Hospitality & Tourism If you completed:
 Assessment Overview

  8800510 Culinary Arts 1

  8800520 Culinary Arts 2

  8800530 Culinary Arts 3

  8800540 Culinary Arts 4

 Assessment Overview

 8850110 Intro to Hospitality & Tourism

 8845140 Computer Technology for 
              Travel & Tourism

 8845120 Travel & Tourism Marketing

 8845130 Hospitality &Tourism Internship
 8800420 Hospitality & Tourism OJT

 Palm Beach
State College
You may qualify for the following (credits):  Palm Beach
State  College
You may qualify for the following (credits):
 Prior Learning Form   FOS1201 Food Service Sanitation (2)

  FSS1220 Professional Cooking (2)*

  FSS1220L Professional Cooking Lab (1)*

 Prior Learning Form  CGS1100 Microcomputer Applications (3)

 HFT1000 Intro to Hospitality Business (3)

 HFT1313 Hospitality Property Mgmt (3)

*Obtain the needed cashier form from the Palm Beach State College program reviewer for any courses requiring a challenge exam or portfolio review for the course award.


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 Career Pathway Overviews and Prior Learning Forms


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