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According to the Career Pathways Agreement between Palm Beach State College and the School District of Palm Beach County, high school graduates can come to Palm Beach State for up to two years past high school graduation and petition for the articulated credit listed in the agreement. To qualify they need to:

  • apply and enroll in the designated program codes and complete placement requirements
  • provide a high school transcript with the appropriate high school CTE courses completed with a B grade (for credit course awards) or C/C+ grade (for CCPcourse awards)
  • completed any designated assessment (challenge exam or portfolio review) successfully.
  • provide verification of industry certification when applicable

Overviews for each Career Pathways - Provided course and prior learning form students fill-in and print out to start the review process.

The process-

  • Students will complete the prior learning form for the appropriate articulation agreement and print it out.  They will take it to the designated associate dean, department chair or program director "the reviewer" listed in the agreement and the overview.
  • The "reviewer" will look over the form and the documentation the student provides and indicate on the prior learning form what has been completed and what still needs to be assessed.
  • At this time the reviewer will print out any needed cashier forms for required challenge exams or portfolio reviews (Of the 42 college courses awarded there are 16 courses that have additional assessment requirements.)
  • The student will pay for the exam/portfolio review through the Cashier's Office and arrange the assessment with the appropriate contact.  Most written exams are available at any College Testing Center (CGS1100 is the exception offered only on the Lake Worth campus).  Practical exams and portfolio reviews are administered in the department that offers the course to be awarded.
  • Once the additional assessments are completed, the student turns in the results along with the prior learning form to the designated associate dean for completion of the award process.
  • The associate dean verifies that all the documentation is included with the prior learning form and certifies that the course(s) can be posted to the students transcript.
  • The prior learning form and all the related documentation are sent to the Registrar's office for processing. Processing generally takes 4-6 weeks.

Resources available for the process:


For additional information or questions, please contact Clarisse May or call (561) 868-3893

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