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Palm Beach State’s First-Ever Visiting Artist Fellowship

Celebrating the Arts in its 90th Year

February 2023

The first-ever Visiting Artist Fellowship launched on February 8, 2023, thanks to the Helen M. Salzberg Center for Visual Arts and the Koo Family Art Collaborative Mentorship. The fellowship supports contemporary artists in Palm Beach County who work collaboratively with the College’s Studio Art Program.

In addition, a generous endowment from the Salzberg family allows for one selected artist per year to facilitate exhibitions and mentoring opportunities for Palm Beach State art students. 

Palm Beach State’s first visiting artist fellow, Gabino A. Castelán is based in Boca Raton and a 2022 recipient of the South Florida Cultural Consortium award for visual and media artists. Born in Mexico, Gabino interprets his family’s experience of immigrating to the United States as themes for his artwork, using figures of real people and evoking empathy and hope through imagery. 


Gabino Castelan, Marcella Palacios, Carolina Robinson, Claire Sinsley, Professor Jacques de Beaufort
Pictured, from left, Gabino A. Castelán, Marcella Palacios, Carolina Robinson, Claire Sinsley, Professor Jacques de Beaufort.


Through the fall of 2023, Gabino will be mentoring three selected young artists: Marcella Palacios, Carolina Robinson and Claire Sinsley. 

Completing her AA with Palm Beach State, Marcella is earning certificates in Graphic Design and Directing and Producing, hoping to attend the Rhode Island School of Design. 

Currently taking AP drawing, design and art history and appreciation classes, Carolina plans to transfer to an art school or university, eventually teaching art and inspiring future generations to love art as much as she does. 

Studying fine arts and entrepreneurship at Palm Beach State, Claire will attend the Art Academy of Cincinnati in the Fall 2023, where she has been awarded a significant scholarship. 

Advancing Palm Beach State’s arts programming through the fellowship and other initiatives elevates the College’s presence in Palm Beach County’s artistic community. Moreover, the opportunities for further collaboration between college and community are greater than ever, a testament to the vision of David Rutherford, CEO for the Foundation for PBSC, and the leadership of PBSC President Ava Parker. Speaking from the heart, she recognized the importance of the arts for PBSC. “With today’s emphasis on STEM and innovative educational technology, it is absolutely essential for us to showcase the arts. This fellowship allows us to connect and share with the community, bringing us together with tremendous value to our mission.”

The Helen M. Salzberg Center for Visual Arts and Gallery at PBSC’s Palm Beach Gardens campus provided the perfect backdrop for the event, which included a birthday tribute to Helen, who had turned 100 years young earlier that week. Foundation board member, Bob Koo honored Helen with well-deserved accolades, and Professor Jacques de Beaufort led the event with appreciation and enthusiasm for the fellowship, a great milestone for Palm Beach State. Finally, Helen expressed heartfelt gratitude for much more than the day, truly touched by the College’s commitment to and celebration of the arts.   

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