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Emerge to Influence Series

The Emerge to Influence Leadership series consists of three leadership programs.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to strengthen the leadership pipeline within Palm Beach State College by equipping professional-level individuals for management-level positions. The Emerging Leaders program utilizes various methodologies to provide participants with a clear understanding of the responsibilities of a manager and to equip them with the skillset necessary for becoming successful leaders at Palm Beach State College.


Program commitment:

  • Eight program workshops, one held each month plus team meetings as needed.
  • Participation in six college-related immersion activities.
  • Completion of a structured mentorship program.
  • Development and presentation of a project designed to meet a need of the College. 

Program Objectives:

  • To develop high-performing staff and faculty whose next logical step would be a formal leadership or supervisory role
  • Discover the strengths of individual participants and demonstrate their usefulness to a team or in a leadership role
  • Equip participants with an understanding of how College leadership influences the success of the institution in carrying out its mission
  • Establish structured mentorship relationships between participants and a member of the College leadership team
  • Provide an understanding of the significance and importance of team dynamics in the development and completion of a project


Eligibility and Selection

Applicants must be currently employed in a faculty or professional, non-supervisory position and in good standing at the College for a minimum of one year and must be full-time employees. 


Emerging Leaders Nomination Form

Scheduled Program Meeting Dates for 2023 - 2024:

September 15

October 13

November 17

December 8

January 12

February 16

March 15

April 12



2022 Emerging Leaders Project - Watch the #PBSCGreatPlacetoWork Video

PBSC Great Place To Work


Welcome/ Alumni

This session will introduce the  program and its requirements, allow participants to meet and discuss ideas for their mentor and project selection. Graduates of the Emerging Leaders Program will share their project presentations, as well as program advice and insight to help you make the most of your Emerging Leaders Program experience. During the second half you will be provided information regarding current bills and legislative actions of concern to the College. This session will provide insight into key legal issues affecting the College. structure.


Project Management

With various priorities incorporated into the workday, balancing deadlines, large projects, and  customers can be intimidating at times. This workshop will provide an array of tools to assist participants with balancing competing priorities.


DiSC – Understanding and Working with Others

So much of what people perceive and communicate comes from their own prevailing personality styles. The DiSC personality inventory will demonstrate how knowing your style and the styles of others can be useful in creating harmony and efficiency in relationships.


7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Based on the best-selling book by Steven R. Covey, this session will help you navigate very real problems in challenging times. These life skills focus on timeless principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity.


Data Literacy

Leadership requires daily decision-making. Informed decisions can save time and prevent costly mistakes. The ability to collect, analyze and use data to improve outcomes for every enterprise has become a must-have skill for every leader. This introduction to the concepts of data literacy and analytics will give participants a practical understanding of what it takes to succeed in the information age.


Mock Presentation and Graduation Ceremony


The program also includes:

In order to successfully complete the Emerging Leaders Program, you must complete and report on the following.

In-Class Sessions
Throughout the course of the next eight months, you will attend eight workshops that will teach you more about the College and introduce you to some of the challenges you would be likely to face as a manager or supervisor at Palm Beach State.  For the most part, these workshops will be scheduled on Friday mornings. Time will be allotted, either before or after the workshop to discuss project updates and progress.


Mentorship Experience
By the end of October, you should have selected your mentor and had your first meeting with that person.  Each mentorship meeting will have an assigned topic, but you should feel free to ask any questions or discuss any topics that you and/or your mentor feel would be a beneficial use of the time you have allotted together. The program requires that you meet at least once per month with your mentor.  If you both agree to do so, you may meet more often.  Following each session with your mentor, you must submit a brief report in TEAMS noting key learnings or questions that arose from your discussion.


College Immersion Activities
In order to be an effective leader, you must understand not only your own department or functional unit, you must understand the operations of the organization as a whole.  Throughout your Emerging Leaders experience, you will attend six (6) college immersion activities.  A list of eligible activities is provided later in this booklet.  Other activities may be considered with prior approval.  Please be sure to request permission from the meeting chair prior to attending the meeting, as sensitive issues may be discussed. You will then submit a brief report following your attendance at each activity to describe your reaction to the event, key learnings, or additional questions you may have. 


As a participant in the Emerging Leaders Program, you will complete a group project that will be presented to President’s Cabinet at the completion of the program in the spring.  The project will go beyond the  responsibilities of your current position and demonstrate principles taught throughout the program, such as inter-departmental collaboration, resource management, and research methods. Supervisors and mentors can be of assistance in selecting a topic. The group will research best practices and choose an idea that will be beneficial to a department or to the College in general.


Leadership Excellence

Leadership Excellence is the second program in our Emerge to Influence leadership development series. It is designed to identify and grow leaders who are already demonstrating proficiency in managing a team and who are ready to improve their leadership competency in several key areas. It is a 7-week program for individuals who are nominated by their immediate supervisor.

Program Objectives:

  • Build strategic leadership skills
  • Reinforce already acquired leadership characteristics
  • Enhance cross-functional communication through experiential learning
  • Grow courage in leadership through an understanding of influence and responsibility

Eligibility and Selection 

Current supervisors in new to mid-level management positions may be nominated for the Leadership Excellence program. Prior completion of the Management Essentials series is preferred. These managers must already exhibit strong leadership traits and be seen as ready for a new or expanded role. Candidates must have been employed by Palm Beach State College for at least one year and must have no current performance issues on record. A formal nomination from the employee’s supervisor is required for a candidate to be considered. The nomination form will be emailed to supervisors during the nomination period.


Meeting Dates: Thursdays starting 9/28/2023 - 11/6/2023

Managing New Leadership Expectations

  • Identify the traits of an influential leader
  • Define the leadership expectations for your leadership role at PBSC
  • Learn to how to create a culture of accountability and shared ownership
  • Identify behaviors to support the PBSC leadership competency of accountability

DISC Communication Styles Assessment Review

  • Identify your dominant communication style
  • Select the appropriate medium for communicating information to staff and other PBSC stakeholders
  • Discover the connection between listening, learning and leading (3L)
  • Identify behaviors to support the PBSC leadership competency of communication

Emotional Intelligence

  • Activate the connection between Emotional Intelligence and leadership success
  • Introduce the value of empathy and the qualities of empathetic listening
  • Learn the connection between self-care and working relationships
  • Learn the value of taking ownership for mistakes
  • Use Emotional Intelligence in conflict resolution

Translating Vision to Strategy

  • Identify and communicate a vision for your area
  • Utilize the Franklin Covey methodology for vision implementation
  • Engage your team in strategy and vision
  • Coach with S.M.A.R.T objectives

Building Your High-Performing Team – Diversity and Inclusion

  • Choose the best team
  • Maximize team dynamics
  • Uncover and utilize the best in your team
  • Acknowledge how leadership makes the difference

Situational Performance/Managing Difficult Situations

  • Systematic problem-solving
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Practice leading a coaching conversation

Leadership Courage

  • Define and build workplace trust for effective teams that get results
  • Discuss the importance of leadership courage
  • Reflect on personal leadership strengths and opportunities

Lead to Influence

A 3-day, intensive leadership development program designed to provide continued growth for leaders at the assistant director/associate dean level and above who have been identified by senior management as possessing the characteristics necessary to influence the growth of the College. This program focuses on leadership at the institutional level, with an emphasis on strategic leadership and emerging issues in higher education. This program runs in early spring and nominations are accepted in late fall.

Eligibility and Selection

Leaders at the assistant director/associate dean level and above may be nominated for the program.  Candidates must have been employed by Palm Beach State College for a minimum of one-year, employed in a regular fulltime position (temporary and interim position are not included), and must have no current performance issues on record. A formal nomination from the employee’s supervisor is required for a candidate to be considered.


Program Objectives

  • Reinforce leadership concepts that shift the focus from leading areas to leading the institution
  • Foster innovative solutions to meet current and emerging institutional needs
  • Enhance cross-functional communication through discussion of current issues in higher education


2024 Program Details

Lead to Influence Nomination Form

The 2024 Lead to Influence  program nomination deadline is January 31, 2024, at noon.

Scheduled Program Meeting Dates for 2024:  March 12- March 14

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