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Leadership Programs

The Premier Leadership and Talent Series consists of a 4-tiered leadership road map.

Foundations of Leadership

A leadership development program designed for classified staff to explore and reinforce their leadership skills as they relate to individual contribution and leading self. During this program you will meet once a month with your class. Program consists of Leadership Workshops and a Personal Development Plan.

Program Objectives:

  • Increase participants’ self-awareness with regard to personal strengths and areas of opportunity
  • Apply leadership principles at a personal level

How to Apply
Applicants must have been employed by Palm Beach State College for a minimum of one year. A letter of recommendation and commitment from the employee’s supervisor must accompany the application. Participants will be selected by the College’s Learning Council.  Please submit a complete application packet to, or send via interoffice mail to Mail Station # 10.

Applications for the 2018 program will be accepted through Friday, February 23, 2018.
Monthly workshops will begin March 2018 and run through August 2018. 

Foundations of Leadership Application 2018

Module 1: Managing Me

  • Introduce the Leadership Excellence Program
  • The link between self-awareness and improved performance
  • Professionalism and image
  • Defining and identifying key job skills
  • Prioritizing values and setting SMART goals
  • Foundational Leader Development Plan


Module 2: What's My Style

  • MBTI Assessment (administered prior to the start of the program)
  • Overview of the MBTI Instrument
  • Understanding and utilizing personality type
    • Where do you get your energy: extroversion and introversion?
    • How do you gather information: sensing and intuition?
    • How do you make decisions: thinking and feeling?
  • Awareness of individual strengths/opportunities
  • Identification and review of individual MBTI results
  • Foundational Leader Development Plan


Module 3: Heart Smart

  • Emotional intelligence at work
    • The Intrapersonal Side (manage yourself)
    • The Interpersonal Side (ability to interact and get along with others)
    • Physiology and emotions
    • Understanding emotional patterns
    • EI skill strategies
      • Life/Work balance
      • Foundational Leader Development Plan


Module 4: Interpersonal Communication Effectiveness

  • Giving good information, gathering good information, building mutual trust
  • Modalities of communication
  • Enhancing active listening skills
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Use questioning skills to better understand others
  • Capitalizing on your own MBTI style of communication
  • Foundational Leader Development Plan


Module 5: Conflict Without Controversy

  • What and why of workplace conflict
  • Benefits and negative outcomes of conflict
  • Difficult People at work
  • Identifying your conflict Style/ MBTI type
  • Approaches to conflict management
  • The benefits of collaboration
  • Utilize three attitude “protectors” during challenging situations
  • Foundational Leader Development Plan


Module 6: Accountability for Results

  • Personal Accountability
    • How can I contribute?
      • Good stewardship
      • How can I do my job better today?
        • Time management strategies
        • What can I do to develop myself?
        • Innovative problem solving strategies
        • The link between accountability and positive attitude
        • Foundational Leader Development Plan

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to strengthen the leadership pipeline within Palm Beach State College by equipping professional level individuals for management level positions. The Emerging Leaders Program will utilize various methodologies to provide participants with a clear understanding of the responsibilities of a manager and to equip them with the skillset necessary for becoming a successful leader at Palm Beach State College.

In order to successfully complete the program, participants will complete and submit documentation verifying the following:

  • Attendance at eight workshops and team meeting held once each month.
  • Participation in six college-related activities.
  • Completion of a structured mentorship program.
  • Submission of a project benefiting the College.

Mentorship Experience
The Emerging Leaders Mentorship Experience is a guided mentorship program that will provide participants with an insider's perspective on career navigation, access to a support system during a critical stage in career advancement, and direct access to resources within your profession.  This experience will also help you identify gaps in your skillset and resources available to overcome them.

Action Learning
Participants will work on a group project that when implemented will provide significant benefits to the College, a specific department or function. The project will be chosen with input from the participants and the assistance of presidents' cabinet.

College Immersion Activities
Throughout the course of the program, participants will select and attend six College Immersion Activities. Examples of these activities include a meeting of the Board of Trustees, Provost's Staff and Campus Dean's meeting, and/or faculty or student services cluster meetings.

How to Apply
To apply for the Emerging Leaders Program, submit your application, a current resume, and letter of support from your supervisor to or via interoffice mail to MS # 10. 

Applications for the 2018/2019 program will be accepted through August 17, 2018.

Introductory session will be held on September 14, 2018, with monthly meetings and/or workshops held through May 2019.

Emerging Leaders Application 2018-2019

Balancing Priorities

The demand for productivity is greater than ever before. Deadlines are tight, technology is complex, and oftentimes employees have the added challenge of reporting to more than one manager. It’s no surprise this pressure can lead to increased conflict and overwhelming feelings of confusion. That is, until you are equip with the skills they need to manage their work load effectively. This workshop will teach you - step by step - how to ditch the time-wasters and improve performance through better goal setting, task delegation, organization, and the proper use of technology.

Project Management

With various priorities incorporated into the work day, balancing deadlines, large projects and customers can be intimidating at times.  This workshop will provide an array of tools to assist participants with balancing competing priorities.

Understanding the College Budget/Legislative Update

The first hour of this session will explain the nuts and bolts of the College Budget and will provide you with a better understanding of revenue accounts, fund balances, general ledger codes and how we bill the budget. During the second half you will be provided information regarding current bills and legislative actions of concern to the College.  This session will provide insight into key legal issues affecting the College and an in-depth review of the College’s accounting structure.

Powerful Presenting

All leaders are called upon to share ideas in the form of a presentation.  The ability to effectively capture the attention of the intended audience to inform, persuade or defend your ideas is a crucial skill for success.  Participants will go beyond a snappy slide presentation to learn the subtle details that make a big impact.  

DiSC – Understanding and Working with Others

So much of what people perceive and communicate comes from their own prevailing personality styles.  The DiSC personality inventory will demonstrate how knowing your style and the styles of others can be useful in creating harmony and efficiency in relationships.

Communication Strategy
Business communication is more than proper grammar and friendly service. A successful leader must be able to obtain buy-in and achieve collaboration. This workshop will utilize hands-on exercises and real-life scenarios to identify common communication pitfalls and ways to proactively build consensus and collaboration while avoiding behavior that hinders communication.

College Administrator Panel
Various members of the college administration will participate in a panel discussion to share some of their experiences and lessons learned throughout their leadership path. A significant amount of time will also be dedicated to Q&A.


Lead to Innovate

The Leadership Essentials Program will be a hybrid leadership development program focused on building and leading high-performing teams and successfully managing departments.

Program Objectives:

  • Provide in-depth instruction for the skills needed to create and foster high-performing teams
  • Create specific ties between the work of the department and goals of the College
  • Incorporate performance metrics for department and individual contributors
  • Increase the confidence of managers in making decisions for their departments

Commitment to Leadership Excellence

A 9-month hybrid leadership development program designed to provide continued growth for managers and administrators of the College who have completed the Lead to Innovate tier and wish to continue their professional development. The tier will focus on leadership at the institutional level, with emphasis on strategic leadership and emerging issues in higher education.

Eligibility and Selection
Any manager or administrator who has completed the Lead to Innovate program is eligible to apply. Applicants must have been employed by Palm Beach State for a minimum of one-year and must have no current performance issues on record with the Office of Human Resources. A current resume and letter of recommendation and commitment from the employee’s supervisor must accompany the application.

Program Objectives

  • Reinforce leadership concepts taught in earlier tiers shifting the focus from leading teams to leading the institution
  • Enhance cross-functional communication through discussion of current issues in higher education
  • Foster innovative solutions to meet current and emerging institutional needs
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