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Institute of College Learning

The Institute of College Learning offers individual and departmental talent development programs in direct support of the mission and strategic plan of Palm Beach State College.  The content of our programs includes timely and readily applicable skill-building, encourages cross-functional discussion and critical thinking, and fosters employee engagement and advancement.


 To enroll, withdraw, or be placed on a waiting list for Palm Beach State College's employee learning programs use the online

 Professional Development Management System at

 1. Logon ID - enter your network email ID (example: smithj).

 2. Password - enter your network email password.

 3. Click Personal Info located on the tab bar.

 4. Click Professional Development.

 5. Select Register on the menu.

 6. Search for courses by activity type, topic, or key word.

 Cancellation Guidelines

 Employees may withdraw from a course through the online system; however, participants must cancel at least one day prior to the

 workshop date.  Participants who are scheduled for a course, but do not attend will be considered a No Show. All attempts will be

 made to offer all scheduled courses.  Due to lack of participation or instructor  schedule, courses may be canceled. Registrants will be

 notified by email of canceled classes and rescheduled dates.

 Contact the Service Desk at 561-868-3100 should you have any difficulty accessing the web-based registration and tracking system.

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