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Helen M. Salzberg Center for Visual Arts

The Helen M. Salzberg Center for Visual Arts is a leader of the presentation and support of contemporary visual art and artists in Palm Beach County.


Helen Salzberg and PBSC President Ava Parker


The Center is establishing opportunities for partnership and broad community engagement. It also is developing and implementing the HMS Study Art Collection.

The Center encourages student, faculty and community engagement through the financial and institutional support of the:

  • HMS Gallery
  • HMS Visiting Artists Fellowship
  • Koo Family Art Collaborative Mentorship

The HMS Gallery continues an esteemed history in the presentation of new works by both emerging and established artists and as a location for community engagement, exhibition receptions and workshops.

The HMS Visiting Artist Fellowship provides endowments to one selected artist per year and facilitates exhibitions, workshops, talks and mentoring opportunities for these Visiting Artists.

The Koo Family Art Collaborative Mentorship provides endowments to two selected PBSC students per year and arranges for a hands-on mentorship and internship opportunity with the selected HMS fellow and with the PBSC Art Department.


About Helen M. Salzberg

Award-winning artist, poet and children's book illustrator Helen M. Salzberg has brought her artwork to life for nearly a century.  Showcasing her talent through an array of artistic mediums - painting, collage, reverse-on-glass painting and sculpture - Helen’s foray into the art world came with an impromptu lesson at the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) in New York City. Steered from a career in medicine, she took her mother’s suggestion to pursue an MBA. Today, Helen still creates what inspires her while sharing, teaching and reflecting on her craft. Palm Beach State is honored to recognize her contributions, talent and vision with the Helen M. Salzberg Center for Visual Arts and the Helen M. Salzberg Gallery at the College's Eissey Campus in Palm Beach Gardens. 



  1. Two students are selected per year by PBSC Faculty to participate in the Koo Family Art Collaborative Mentorship.
  2. Participating students receive $1,500 in grant funds and are required to complete 100 hours of mentorship activities to be determined by the HMS Fellow and PBSC faculty.


Committee Procedures

  1. The art faculty will select and then invite two students to participate in the Koo Family Art Collaborative Mentorship. Students will be selected based on a number of criteria including availability, interest, demonstrated academic merit, and discipline compatibility with Visiting Artist. 
  2. Selected students will be required to sign a contract of intent at the beginning of the Koo Family Art Collaborative Mentorship and then log hours weekly. 
  3. The student will have one year to complete the 30 required hours and will be paid in two increments of $750. A payment of $750 will be made at the beginning of the first semester and the second payment of $750 at the completion of the mentorship program.
  4. If the student cannot complete the mentorship program, the student will forfeit the right to any forthcoming grant monies.
  5. Participating students must write a year-end mentorship summary of their activities for presentation to theKoo Family Art Collaborative Mentorship Committee.


  1. The Gallery will continue its tradition of exhibitions and programs as curated by PBSC faculty. 
  2. The Gallery will host an annual or bi-annual show featuring works by HMS Visiting Artists Fellows.
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