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Workday Student Training for Students

This page contains a series of training videos for Students on the most common tasks that you will conduct in Workday Student. Come back often as we add new content!

We also provide support for your questions and comments through our Knowledge Base on the PBSC Team Dynamix website. Take a look at this page to learn more about the Knowledge Base.

And if you get stuck and you're not sure what a term refers to, check out our glossary of common Student Workday terms.

Note: Workday Training materials and videos are only accessible to PBSC faculty, staff and students. You will be prompted to login using your credentials.

We recommend you do not print the Job Aids as business processes may change. For up-to-date resources, please bookmark this page to reference the most current process.


Set Up Your Workday Student Account 

Welcome to Palm Beach State College! BEFORE you get started on your journey with us using Workday, please check your personal email inbox for the email entitled "Workday Student Account Setup." This email will provide you with your PBSC email/username that will be needed in setting up for 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and Workday account setup. Once you have your PBSC email/username, please follow the below instructions on how to set up your password and log into your Workday Student Account for the first time.

PDF:  Workday Student Account Setup


All Set? Head to Workday and get started!




Can't Log In?

If you forgot your Workday password or are having trouble logging in after you have set up your Workday account, Please call the Service Desk at 561-868-4000. Please refer to the Service Desk Webpage for an updated listing of their hours of operation as well as additional technical support items they can assist you with.  


Self Service Training Materials





PDF: My Homepage - Getting to Know the Workday Today Homepage

PDF:  Change My Contact Information - Need to Update or Add Contact Information? No problem! You can do this easily within your Workday student profile. 

PDF:  Emergency Contact - Add, Edit or Remove an Emergency Contact.

PDF:  Onboarding - For new students, the initial Action Items contained in your Inbox are considered Onboarding items, which may place a hold on your course registration until they are Submitted and processed by Palm Beach State College.

PDF:  Continuing Student Onboarding - For continuing students, every academic period, you will receive “Continuing Student Onboarding” action items in your Workday Inbox. These are required action items that you must complete and submit. 

PDFNon-Disclosure Opt-In State Statute and federal FERPA regulations allow for the non-disclosure of directory information upon written request from the student. This training aid assists with this opt-in process.

PDF:  Update My Social Security Number - The purpose of this job aid is to assist students in adding or changing their social security number.






PDFView Registration Appointment - How to see when Registration is available to you for an Academic Period. 

PDFView My Holds

PDFRequest Course Section Pre-Requisite Override

PDFRegister from Course Section Search - The preferred method for Registration

PDF: Filtering a Course Sections Search - This will discuss how to filter when searching for courses in Workday. This filtering helps you pinpoint courses based on things like their delivery mode, academic period, and course tags.

PDF:  Troubleshoot Registration

PDF:  Withdrawing from Classes - How to withdraw from a course section after the Drop/Add period has closed. 

PDFView My Dropped/Withdrawn Courses

PDFView My Current Schedule

PDFView My Saved Schedule

PDFView My Grades

PDFAdd/Change Program of Study Request

PDFEvaluate Academic Requirements - How to Evaluate and then View the Academic requirements for a specified Program of Study.

PDF: View My Academic Progress (Degree Audit)



PDF:  Generate Unofficial Transcript - How to generate a printable, unofficial PBSC transcript. 

PDFView My Course History - Where to view your Unofficial Transcript.

Student Finances in Workday Student



Video:  Student Finances in Workday Student

PDF:  Add Payment Elections - How to add your banking information to receive direct deposit refunds.

PDFMake a Payment 

PDF:  View/Print Statement

PDF: Make a Payment Invitation - How to invite a trusted payer to your account to make payments on your behalf.

PDFView Student Balance

PDF:  eMarket – How to make a payment through the eMarket payment portal.

PDF:  Student Stop Payments - How to request a payment stopped and reissued. Must wait at least 10 days after the issue date of the check.

PDF:  Student Financials Waivers - Numerous different student finance related waivers can be accessed and submitted in Workday. This training aid provides you with general directions on how to access and submit these Wavier Requests within Workday.

PDF: Florida Prepaid - Where to view if your Florida Prepaid is applied to your classes; OPT OUT; and how to provide your Social Security Number so Florida Prepaid can be matched to you.

PDF: 1098-T – How to print your 1098-T form



PDF: Federal Verification Worksheet Submission - explains how to access, sign and submit a Dependent or Independent Verification Worksheet in your Workday Inbox. 


PDF Work-Study Application

PDF Request - Financial Aid Loan - By completing the digital form within Workday, you are requesting that Palm Beach State College modify any previously accepted or declined Federal Direct loan amounts.

PDF Request - Title Four Authorization Change - By completing the digital form within Workday, you are requesting that Palm Beach State College update your original response to the Title IV authorization.

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