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Short-Term Programs

New Skills, New Career - in a year or less!


Take a short-term program & get there faster!

  • Turn your passion into a career: Programs span many industries.
  • Boost your potential earning power with new skills.
  • Learn from expert faculty with a commitment to your success.
  • Gain hands-on experience in well-equipped labs. Some programs also offer fieldwork opportunities or internships.

Multiple start dates each term – Go to Academic Calendar to see start dates.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for many programs if you qualify. We also offer veterans services.


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Short-Term Certificate Programs

Get started now on advancing your career!

Business / Supply Chain / Legal Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Accounting Technology CCC 8 Months 6110
Business Administration and Management CCC 8 Months 6111
Business Operations CCC 8 Months 6481
Business Specialist CCC 4 Months 6480
Entrepreneurship CCC 4 Months 6118
Global Logistics & Supply Chain Technology CCP 6 Months 5582
Logistics & Transportation Specialist CCC 6 Months 6581
Paralegal (ATC) Advanced Technical Certificate 1 Year 4570
Risk Management & Insurance Operations CCC 8 Months 6119

Computer Science & Information Technology Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Computer Programming Specialist CCC 1 Year 6141
Information Technology Technician CCC 9 Months 6143
Network Security CCC 9 Months 6541
Network Server Administration CCC 9 Months 6136
Network Support Technician CCC 9 Months 6540
Programming CCC 1 Year 6137

Film / Animation / Recording Arts Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Cinematography CCC 4 Months 6291
Digital Animation CCC 8 Months 6288
Directing and Producing CCC 4 Months 6292
Motion Picture Post-Production Technology CCC 8 Months 6019
Recording Arts CCC 1 Year 6289

Graphic Design Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Graphic Design Support CCC 6 Months 6290
Multimedia Arts CCC 1 Year 6022
Web Design CCC 1 Year 6023

Health Sciences Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Computed Tomography ATC 4 Months 4321
Dental Assisting CCP 11 Months 5155
Health Informatics Specialist CCC 1 Year 6531
Magnetic Resonance Imaging ATC 4 Months 4322
Massage Therapy CCP 1 Year 5232
Medical Assisting Specialist CCC 13 Months 5236
Patient Care Assistant CCP 4 Months 5233
Practical Nursing CCP 1 Year 5234

Hospitality & Food Service Mgmt. Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Food Service Management CCC 10 Months 6115
Hospitality CCC 10 Months 6116

Insurance / Real Estate Courses (Part-Time)
Program Name Program Length Course #
Insurance Claims Adjuster CCP 1.5 Months RMI0635
Life, Health & Variable Annuities Agent CCP 2 Months RMI0092
Property & Casualty General Lines Agent CCP 3.5 Months RMI0091
Real Estate Sales Associate CCP 2.5 Months REE0047
Real Estate Sales Assoc. Post-Licensing CCP 1.5 Months REE0089

Landscaping & Horticulture Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Landscape and Horticultural Professional 1 CCC 8 Months 6220
Landscape and Horticultural Professional 2 CCC 1 Year 6221
Landscape and Horticulture Specialist CCC 4 Months 6219

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Alternative Energy Engineering Tech. CCC 1 Year 6272
Automation CCC 1 year 6553
Biotechnology Laboratory Specialist CCC 1 Year 6160
Engineering Technology Support Specialist CCC 1 Year 6551
Hazardous Materials Specialist CCC 1 Year 6560
Lean Manufacturing CCC 1 Year 6554

Skilled Trades, Transportation & Building Construction Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Automotive Repair Technician CCP 6 Months 5451
Automotive Service Technician CCP 1 Year 5463
Barbering CCP 10 Months 5395
Building Construction Specialist CCC 1 year 6223B
CNC Production Specialist CCP 6 Months 5476
Cosmetology CCP 1 Year 5357
Diesel Technician CCP 6 Months 5452
Facials Specialty CCP 4 Months 5355
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration CCP 1 Year 5267
Low Voltage Technician CCP 7 Months 5450
Machining Technology CCP 13 Months 5459
Marine Service Technology CCP 11 Months 5453
Nails Technician CCP 4 Months 5356
Residential and Commercial Electrician CCP 1 Year 5246
Residential Cooling and Heating Technician CCP 7.5 months 5250
Welding Technology CCP 1 Year 5460


Information Sessions

Learn more about some of our short-term programs by attending or, in some cases, viewing an information session.


Longer Certificate Programs

If you have more time, consider pursuing these certificates that take more than a year to complete.

Longer Certificate Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Biotechnology CCC 18 Months 6159
Crime Scene Technology CCC 16 Months 6436
Diesel Systems Technician 1 17 Months 5468
Environmental Science Technician CCC 16 Months 6561
Marketing Operations CCC 18 Months 6120
Mechatronics CCC 18 Months 6555
Medical Information Coder/Biller CCC 20 Months 6528
Rapid Prototyping Specialist CCC 2 Years, Part-time 6552


  • ATC: Advanced Technical Certificates offer specialty training in technical fields for people with degrees (associate and above).
  • CCC: College Credit Certificates give you marketable skills as well as college credits that can transfer to an associate degree.
  • CCP: Career Certificate Programs prepare you for high-skill, high-demand jobs.


Keep Learning at PBSC!

College Credit Certificates award college credits that can be applied to a Palm Beach State Associate in Science degree in the same area of study. So not only will you earn a credential for skilled employment, you’ll also get a head start toward your ultimate degree goal.

Career Certificate Programs do not award college credits, but your completion of a CCP may count as Prior Learning Credit that can be put toward certain A.S. degree programs.

Certificate Programs >>> Career and/or A.S. Degree >>> Career and/or Bachelor’s Degree

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Continuing Education

Explore our noncredit short-term options!

PBSC offers a wide range of noncredit courses, workshops and seminars, including certification courses, continuing education units (CEUs), online classes, advanced education for professionals and customized training.

Learn more about Corporate & Continuing Education courses:

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