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Short-Term Programs

Start, change or advance your career in a year or less!

Don’t put your future on hold...

Take a short-term program & get there faster!

  • Turn your passion into a career: Programs span many industries.
  • Boost your potential earning power with new skills.
  • Learn from expert faculty with a commitment to your success.
  • Gain hands-on experience in well-equipped labs. Some programs also offer fieldwork opportunities or internships.

Start dates vary – Fall term classes start August 30. Academic Calendar

Financial aid and scholarships are available for many programs if you qualify. We also offer veterans services.


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Short-Term Certificate Programs

Get started now on advancing your career!

Business / Supply Chain / Legal Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Accounting Technology CCC 8 Months 6110
Business Administration and Management CCC 8 Months 6111
Business Operations CCC 8 Months 6481
Business Specialist CCC 4 Months 6480
Entrepreneurship CCC 4 Months 6118
Global Logistics & Supply Chain Technology CCP 6 Months 5582
Logistics & Transportation Specialist CCC 6 Months 6581
Paralegal (ATC) Advanced Technical Certificate 1 Year 4570
Risk Management & Insurance Operations CCC 8 Months 6119

Computer Science & Information Technology Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Advanced Network Infrastructure CCC 1 Year 6135
Computer Programming Specialist CCC 1 Year 6141
Information Technology Technician CCC 9 Months 6143
Network Infrastructure CCC 9 Months 6542
Network Security CCC 9 Months 6541
Network Server Administration CCC 9 Months 6136
Network Support Technician CCC 9 Months 6540
Programming CCC 1 Year 6137

Film / Animation / Recording Arts Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Cinematography CCC 4 Months 6291
Digital Animation CCC 8 Months 6288
Directing and Producing CCC 4 Months 6292
Motion Picture Post-Production Technology CCC 8 Months 6019
Recording Arts CCC 1 Year 6289

Graphic Design Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Graphic Design Support CCC 6 Months 6290
Multimedia Arts CCC 1 Year 6022
Web Design CCC 1 Year 6023

Health Sciences Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Computed Tomography ATC 4 Months 4321
Dental Assisting CCP 11 Months 5155
Health Informatics Specialist CCC 1 Year 6531
Magnetic Resonance Imaging ATC 4 Months 4322
Massage Therapy CCP 1 Year 5232
Medical Assisting Specialist CCC 13 Months 5236
Patient Care Assistant CCP 4 Months 5233
Practical Nursing CCP 1 Year 5234

Hospitality & Food Service Mgmt. Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Food Service Management CCC 10 Months 6115
Hospitality CCC 10 Months 6116

Insurance / Real Estate Courses (Part-Time)
Program Name Program Length Course #
Insurance Claims Adjuster CCP 1.5 Months RMI0635
Life, Health & Variable Annuities Agent CCP 2 Months RMI0092
Property & Casualty General Lines Agent CCP 3.5 Months RMI0091
Real Estate Sales Associate CCP 2.5 Months REE0047
Real Estate Sales Assoc. Post-Licensing CCP 1.5 Months REE0089

Landscaping & Horticulture Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Landscape and Horticultural Professional 1 CCC 8 Months 6220
Landscape and Horticultural Professional 2 CCC 1 Year 6221
Landscape and Horticulture Specialist CCC 4 Months 6219

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Alternative Energy Engineering Tech. CCC 1 Year 6272
Automation CCC 1 year 6553
Biotechnology Laboratory Specialist CCC 1 Year 6160
Engineering Technology Support Specialist CCC 1 Year 6551
Hazardous Materials Specialist CCC 1 Year 6560
Lean Manufacturing CCC 1 Year 6554

Skilled Trades, Transportation & Building Construction Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician CCP 5 Months 5451
Barbering CCP 10 Months 5395
Building Construction Specialist CCC 1 year 6223B
Cosmetology CCP 1 Year 5357
Diesel Maintenance Technician CCP 5 Months 5452
Facials Specialty CCP 4 Months 5355
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration CCP 1 Year 5267
Low Voltage Technician CCP 7 Months 5450
Machining Technology CCP 13 Months 5459
Marine Service Technology CCP 11 Months 5453
Nails Technician CCP 4 Months 5356
Residential and Commercial Electrician CCP 1 Year 5246
Welding Technology CCP 1 Year 5460


Longer Certificate Programs

If you have more time, consider pursuing these certificates that take more than a year to complete.

Longer Certificate Programs
Program Name Program Length Program Code
Biotechnology CCC 18 Months 6159
Automotive Service Technology CCP 18 Months 5458A
Crime Scene Technology CCC 16 Months 6436
Diesel Service Technology CCP 18 Months 5457A
Diagnostic Medical Sonography CCC 16 Months 6312
Environmental Science Technician CCC 16 Months 6561
Healthcare Documentation/Transcription ATD 2 Years B530 - Credit
Heavy Equipment Service Technician CCP 2 Years, Evenings 5456
Marketing Operations CCC 18 Months 6120
Mechatronics CCC 18 Months 6555
Medical Information Coder/Biller CCC 20 Months 6528
Rapid Prototyping Specialist CCC 2 Years, Part-time 6552


  • ATD: Applied Technology Diplomas provide job training and, in some cases, options to pursue a degree.
  • CCC: College Credit Certificates give you marketable skills as well as college credits that can transfer to an associate degree.
  • CCP: Career Certificate Programs prepare you for high-skill, high-demand jobs.


Keep Learning at PBSC!

College Credit Certificates and most Applied Technology Diplomas award college credits that can be applied to a Palm Beach State Associate in Science degree in the same area of study. So not only will you earn a credential for skilled employment, you’ll also get a head start toward your ultimate degree goal.

Career Certificate Programs do not award college credits, but your completion of a CCP may count as Prior Learning Credit that can be put toward certain A.S. degree programs.

Certificate Programs >>> Career and/or A.S. Degree >>> Career and/or Bachelor’s Degree

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Job Corps Scholarships

If you are…

  • 18-24 years old
  • Proven low-income
  • U.S. Citizen | Resident | DACA

Then learn more about these full-ride scholarships to select short-term programs!

Continuing Education

Explore our noncredit short-term options!

PBSC offers a wide range of noncredit courses, workshops and seminars, including certification courses, continuing education units (CEUs), online classes, advanced education for professionals and customized training.

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