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Advisory Board

The Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center Advisory Board is a dedicated group of volunteers who assist the Dolly Hand staff with events, performances and general operations. Advisory Board members serve a three-year term, with lunch-time meetings being held on the first Wednesday of each month, September through May. For more information, contact Leigh Woodham at 561-993-1160 or via email at

Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center
Advisory Board Membership 2018-2019

2016-2019 Term
Lawrence Chester
Diane Denault, Chair
Mary Jackson

2017-2020 Term
Jackie Espinoza
Susan Giddings
James Houston
Dollie Penuel

2017-2020 Term
Angie Campbell
Sean Campbell
Cindy Carroll
Katrina Finney
Johanna Huss
Pepe Lopez
Lori Nolin
Albert L. Polk IV
Debbie Raulerson
Dorinda Shutts
Bill Taylor

Life Member
Dolly Hand

Palm Beach State College

Mr. Richard A. Becker, V.P. of Admin. & Business Affairs
Mr. Mark P. Alexander, Exec. Director of Theatres
Dr. Maria M. Vallejo, Glades Campus Provost
Leigh Woodham, Theatre Director
Debbie Bowles, Theatre Box Office Supervisor

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