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Vending Machines

Palm Beach State College has partnered with Coca-Cola and Canteen Vending to provide a variety of beverages and snacks. Coca-Cola beverages are also provided at our campus dining areas and in the bookstores. Please let us know your favorite beverage and/or snack and we will make every effort to make it available on your campus or location. If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Jessica Bender.

Vending machine refunds are currently available from the cashier's window at all campuses or by scanning the QR Code on the machine. Customers will be asked to complete the vending refund form in order to obtain their refund.


PantherCard Now Accepted at Vending Machines

If you want a snack or a quick drink, there is no longer any need to have cash or a credit card to use our campus vending machines. You can now use your PantherCard to make purchases at all campus snack and beverage machines.


Vending Locations

Vending machines are located in strategic locations on all five campuses. Please contact Jessica Bender  if you would like to suggest that a machine be placed in a new location.


Report a Vending Machine Problem

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