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Assessment Plans, Processes & Reports

All academic programs and non-academic units at the College have assessment plans and processes to measure achievement of learning and other expected outcomes. These plans and processes are implemented, reviewed, and reported annually. Available reports are linked below. Assessment plan documents and report formats will be updated as processes are integrated into Panther Strong 2023, the College's 5-year strategic plan. 


Academic Assessment

Assessment plans include student learning outcomes, measures for each outcome, and achievement targets.  Programs engage in ongoing assessment of the learning outcomes, reporting results to the IRE office at the end of each assessment cycle. 

Non-academic Assessment

Non-academic college units measure achievement of outcomes relevant to the unit or service area. Educational support unit outcomes assess unit outcomes annually. Assessment for other units are integrated into the strategic plan, Panther Strong 2023.  


Using the Results

Results of learning and other outcomes are reviewed annually by faculty and personnel in academic and non-academic units to identify areas of need and develop improvement strategies. Findings are summarized in an annual report submitted to the IRE office.

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