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Safety & Risk Management

Eliminate or minimize all risks to the safety and health of the College's students, faculty and staff and to provide appropriate insurance for any unacceptable risks that remain.

The Safety and Risk Management Office is located in the Security Building.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Safety and Risk Management Office is to maintain a safe and healthy campus environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors while protecting the College's human, physical and financial assets and resources.


The development and oversight of the College's safety and environmental compliance programs are the responsibility of Safety and Risk Management within the Security and Risk Management Department. Included in this responsibility are: a) the establishment of policies and procedures to promote employee safety and compliance with safety and environmental regulations; b) training of staff in safe practices and safety and environmental requirements; and c) monitoring to ensure compliance with these requirements and to identify potential safety and environmental risks. Under the College's Safety, Health and Environmental Policy, ALL College employees and students are responsible for complying with all safety rules, for their individual safety performance, for the safety of those around them and for working in such a manner as to prevent harm to themselves, to others and to the environment. For conditions which are a clear hazard and need to be corrected as quickly as possible, you should contact the Security Department. Security will facilitate immediate corrective actions and forward the report to the Safety and Risk office and/or Facilities personnel for resolution. Many safety concerns can be resolved by completing and submitting a Facilities Work Order, e.g., to replace burnt-out lighting or to repair an uneven sidewalk. For other issues, you may contact a member of your campus Safety and Security Committee or email your concern to John Garofalo, Safety and Risk Manager, at or John Smith, Security Director, at

Risk is the potential that a particular activity or action will lead to undesirable consequences. The objective of risk management is to identify risks that the College and its community may face and to minimize the probability of their occurrence and/or their attendant impacts. One way in which risk to the College and its personnel can be reduced is to adhere to the College's Safety, Health and Environmental Policy. Where unacceptable risk may still be present, the Safety and Risk office will attempt to mitigate its consequences by obtaining appropriate insurance coverage and/or indemnification. These insurance coverages include, among others, property damage, injury, liability (including professional and student training) and Workers' Compensation insurance to cover staff, faculty, students and visitors. With the assistance of the Florida College System Risk Management Consortium (FCSRMC), we, along with 26 other Florida community and state colleges, are able to implement and administer a comprehensive program to manage and reduce our risk effectively. If you have a question or concern about the College's risk management program, please email Ginny Rizzo at

The links elsewhere on this page will allow you to access important safety information that describe our programs and will help keep everyone safe, thereby reducing our risk.

Contact Info

John Garofalo, Safety & Risk Manager
(561) 868-4015

Ginny Rizzo, Safety & Risk Coordinator
(561) 868-4014


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