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Academic Program Prioritization Council

Palm Beach State College (PBSC) formed its Academic Program Prioritization Council (APPC) in October of 2020 to complete a comprehensive evaluation and prioritization of all academic programs and AA courses with prefixes.  The APPC membership represents a broad cross section of the academic community. 

APPC Membership Information
Name Campus Area
Oleg Andric PBG Professor II, STEM
Dr. Kevin Coakley BG & LOX Professor II, Political Science
Dr. Rob Gingras PBG Interim Dean of Academic Affairs
Lynnmarie Gomes-Highsmith LW Director, Industrial & Technical Programs
Dana Hamadeh BR Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Kristin Miller Hopkins LW Professor I, Fine Arts/Graphic Design
Dr. Traci Klass BR Professor III, English
Wendy Mendez-Hasselman BR Professor I, Spanish
Dr. Asif Raza BR Professor III, Sociology
Helen Shub LW Director of Enrollment Management
Doreen Singer LW Instructor IV, Surgical Technology
Dr. Velmarie Albertini District Dean of Curriculum

The APPC has also established separate work groups to accomplish the development and execution of Academic Program Prioritization materials and processes. 

APPC Sub-Group Members
Communication Group Data Group Report Writing Group
Wendy Mendez-Hasselman Dana Hamadeh Kristin Hopkins
Rob Gingras Oleg Andric Doreen Singer
Traci Klass Kevin Coakley Rob Gingras
Helen Shub Lynnmarie Gomes-Highsmith Traci Klass
Julie Sivigny Asif Raza Helen Shub
  Velmarie Albertini  

In addition, PBSC staff provide subject matter expertise, support and resources to the APPC.

APPC Resource Team
Name Campus Area
Natalie Defraene District Academic Services
James Duffie District Finance & Administration
Jennifer Hudson District Academic Services
Jeff Nowak District  Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Julie Sivigny District Academic Services
Dave Weber District Institutional Research & Effectiveness

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