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Prioritization Process

Objective and Consistent Criteria

Program prioritization allows for evaluation of programs based upon a common set of criteria.  The Academic Program Prioritization Council (APPC) developed the standardized criteria for PBSC based on best practices in higher education and in accordance with Dickeson’s (2010) program prioritization model.  

  • Same process/methodology used to evaluate all programs
  • Determining which criteria and measures should be incorporated into a prioritization model is one of the first steps in the prioritization process.
  • Transparency in communication and reporting
  • All programs receive pertinent information of analysis 



1.  History, development, and expectations

2. External demand

3. Internal demand

4. Quality of program inputs and processes

5. Quality of program outcomes

6. Size, scope, and productivity

7. Revenue and other resources generated by the program

8. Costs and other expenses

9. Impact, justification, and overall essentiality of the program

10. Opportunity analysis

Guiding Principles

PBSC Academic Program Prioritization process will

  • be fair, transparent, and objective
  • rely on data
  • be an integral part of the college’s strategic planning
  • involve broad participation from faculty and administrators
  • treat all programs equally, and
  • serve to meet the educational needs of our students and community now and in the immediate future

Process and Timeline



   Step 1

   •  Council Convened

   •  Planning & Development

   •  Data Gathering


October 2020 – March 2021



   Step 2

   •  Program Reporting

March 2021 – April 2021 



   Step 3

   •  Evaluation

   •  Recommendation


May 2021- July 2021 



   Step 4

   •  Institutional Decisions and       

November 2021 - Ongoing 


Prioritization Recommendations 

Based on the information each program provides, the APPC will make recommendations for placing academic programs at PBSC into one of five categories:

  • Priority for Enhancement
  • Consider for Enhancement
  • Sustain
  • Transform
  • Further Review


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