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Electronic Letterhead Template

Insert our Palm Beach State College electronic letterhead to send email or Word document letters. Please note that these electronic letterhead templates are not customizable. The image available for download is general Palm Beach State College information. You can include your personal contact information in your email signature (for the email letterhead) or in the body of your letter (for the Word letterhead).

eLetterhead Template (Microsoft Word doc)

With our digital society, many businesses, schools and organizations are requesting letters sent to them be on electronic letterhead. This should be especially useful to professors submitting letters of recommendations directly to schools for their students. Plus, it's a green friendly way!

Step 1: Download the Word eLetterhead template  (Internal use only - requires login)

Step 2: Fill in the appropriate information for your department at the top and the bottom. Type your text in the box.

Step 3: Save it to your computer, make a PDF and send the letter as an attachment.

Please do not print this image in the document since it is low-resolution and designed for electronic letterhead only.

Printed custom stationary letterhead is offered through the Print Shop and is designed for sending out hard copies. All you need to do is fill out a ticket on their site.

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