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Graphic Identity Standards

Branding Guide

The official PBSC Branding Guide should be followed for approved use of college brand elements including logos, college colors, stationery, promotional items, name badges, shirts, table runners, and more. The Branding Guide is designed to help ensure a consistent visual identity for Palm Beach State College.

The name, logo, marks and images of Palm Beach State College cannot be used to imply or suggest endorsement of any product or service not provided by the College.

All forms, flyers, brochures, letterhead, business cards, fax sheets, multimedia materials, promotional materials and other external communications materials must be submitted to OCPA for review and approval before printing. Please plan for a minimum of 5 working days for OCPA to complete the review process. Instructional materials are exempt.


Palm Beach State College Logo

Individuals and organizations outside of the College who wish to use any PBSC logo must first obtain written permission by contacting The Office of Communications & Public Affairs at

Keep the Logo Intact

Palm Beach State College wordmark is a cohesive unit and cannot be taken apart, i.e., the custom logotype must always be accompanied by the wave.

The Palm Beach State College logo is to be reproduced from authorized originals only (from OCPA) and is not to be reproportioned (stretched, extended, condensed), redrawn or modified in any way (no borders or shapes surrounding the logo).

Tips for Microsoft Word: After downloading the logo and moving it into Microsoft Word, be sure to hold the shift key down when resizing the logo to keep the same proportions.

On printed materials, the logo should be placed in the top left corner or the bottom right corner. 
When possible, leave 1/2" white space or buffer zone around the logo.

List Palm Beach State College locations as elements separate from the logo.
Palm Beach State College is one college, so it is preferable that all five locations be listed. If one location must be listed, the location should be placed separately from the logo. The proper listing for specific locations should be "Palm Beach Gardens campus," "Boca Raton campus," etc.

Use on official letterhead, envelopes and business cards. 
These items have been standardized to provide a consistent College identity. They can be ordered from our Print Shop.

The approved, official letterhead will be printed in color. Black and white copies of the color letterhead (where the College logo was in color) is unacceptable. Please use the solid black letterhead if copies are to be distributed. This way the logo will appear all black.

Departments are urged to use only the official letterhead of the College, when sending external communications.

Faculty & Staff

Note: Logos are available to PBSC faculty and staff via the College's shared server under CRM Logo Options. If you need further assitance, please submit a ticket.


Panther Mascot

The panther mascot is restricted for use only in Athletics, Student Activities or promotional items such as t-shirts, caps and notebooks. Only the official mascot image should be used.

To obtain the panther mascot logo, please submit a ticket.

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