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Forms, Flyer Templates & Tips

The Office of Communications & Public Affairs

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Image Request

Request an image from OCPA.
Image Request Form

Model Release

When taking photos or shooting video at public College events, there are times you DO need to have people sign a model release and there are times when you DO NOT need to have people sign a model release.  The following are general guidelines:

YES, you need a model release:

  • If you interview someone for a video shoot
  • If you plan on using photos/videos for advertising purposes

[Have a few people sign releases and concentrate on them. The College will then be protected if their images are selected for advertising purposes.]


NO, you do not need a model release:

  • If you will not be using the photos/videos for advertising

Be sure you are using the most recent and official College Model Release forms:

Model Release Form [electronic]

Model Release Form [PDF]

Model Release Form for Children

Flyer Templates

OCPA has created approved templates for Palm Beach State faculty and staff to use when creating custom flyers for special events, courses, programs and guest speakers.

Be sure to follow copyright laws.  Flyers can be reproduced in color by Graphic Communications.

View Flyer Templates

Planning a Successful Info Session

Promote your program by hosting an information session on your campus. View Info Session Guide to making your session a success.

Tips for Using College Materials

When going out to the community, representing Palm Beach State, it is important to tailor any leave-behind materials to the specific event and audience that you're visiting with. The Office of Communications & Public Affairs can help faculty and staff determine what materials are appropriate for various audiences and purposes.  A guideline of what materials to take with you, depending on the need are:

General community events: 

  • For a quick overview - use Fast Facts
  • For more information - use a Packet (folder) that includes Fast Facts, Viewbook, and/or Choose Your Path as well as your business card. 
    • Other optional materials - Contact or President's Report 
    • Folder packets are best for audiences that specifically need a lot of information about the College. Otherwise, it is wasteful and the items won't be read. 


  • Viewbook
  • Choose Your Path (provides info on programs and options for prospective students)
    • Optional materials - group program brochures, Dual Enrollment, Steps to Enroll, etc. depending on the audience.


PBSC news can be viewed at  If there's news about your event, print out the press release or the story to take with you.

  1. View Publications online before requesting your printed pieces.
  2. Request pieces from OCPA. There is no cost to your department.
  3. For packets, consider purchasing the general Palm Beach State College presentation folders.



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