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Approved Templates

The Office of Communications & Public Affairs (OCPA) has created approved templates for Palm Beach State faculty and staff to use when creating custom flyers/postcards for special events, courses, programs and guest speakers. Flyers can be reproduced in color by the Print Shop.

1. Print the template instructions for reference before you begin. It explains how to search for images and tips on working with images and text. Do NOT use any copyrighted photos, drawings or images.

2. For ease of reading, keep text to a minimum, following the design guide. Drive readers to a web page or phone contact for more information as needed.

3. Submit your document to OCPA's ticketing system for approval before printing. Please attach your file to the ticket in the program in which it was created, i.e. Word, Publisher, etc. Do not save it as a PDF until after it has been approved by OCPA. This allows our staff to make needed changes quickly. Documents cannot be distributed in the community or placed on the web until they are approved.

4. Send your approved document to the Graphic Communications/Print Shop area with a completed work order specifying the quantity needed, etc. The Print Shop prefers PDFs since objects may move on live Word and Publisher files.

5. If your distribution plan includes e-mailing, save the file as a PDF document rather than a live Word document. This will preserve it exactly as you have created it and protect it from unauthorized changes, as well as optimize the file size for e-mailing. Remember not to use any spaces in the PDF file name (keep the name short) and save your PDF with the standard publishing option checked.

Note: Log-in using PBSC credentials to view and download all templates.

Postcards designed for College Printshop printing of 2 cards per letter size page on in-house postcard weight paper.

There are 4 templates for the postcard back customized with return address and mailing permit # for each campus. Use the postcard back file created for your campus and customize with your specific info.

A two sided PUBLISHER template designed to be folded in half and mailed out or used as a leave behind.

Page 1 of the file is a table layout and page 2 is the front and back of the folded card. Note the info on the back of the card is upside down so reads correctly as a folded piece.

The template options differ by the table layout on page 1. One file offers a table for listing just the name of the courses and the other is set up for a short blurb about the courses.

If you do not plan on folding these you could use the table layout on both sides of the
page or use the CCE flyer template as the front with the table layout on the back.

Here are examples of completed 4-page listings you can start with and customize for your area:

CCE Class Listing

(Publisher File)


Print page