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College Events Promotion

To promote your College event, complete and submit the College Event Form

As soon as you confirm your event date, fill out and submit an Event Form so it can be posted on the College Events Calendar.  Submitting this form will allow your event to be promoted (as space permits) on these platforms:

  • College Events Calendar
  • College Home Page
  • LED Signs (located at campus entrances)
  • Social Media Sites (Facebook and Twitter)

You may include a web page URL (preferred) for more event info or an approved flyer, but it's not required.

Requirements for Promoting Events on the College Events Calendar

The PBSC Events Calendar provides easy access to information about what is happening at the College, and an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to promote their events. All postings to the calendar are managed by College Relations & Marketing (CRM). Event postings are at the discretion of CRM.

Follow these guidelines for your event to be posted to the College Events Calendar:

  • All events posted to the College Events Calendar must be either a College sponsored event or a College club sponsored event.
  • You must submit the online event request form at least five business days in advance of the event date.
  • Courses or activities limited to persons enrolled in specific courses cannot be posted to the calendar or LED signs.
  • Since the public can view the calendar, all submissions must specify who can attend the event. This information can be included in the Event Summary field of the request form. If you do not specify, it will be listed as free and open to the public.
  • Attach flyers for your event directly into the form request for your event posting.
  • If your event will be held on multiple days/times, it is required that you list both the start and end times for each occurrence of the event on the form (do not write “see attached flyer").

If your event qualifies for posting, please fill out the online event request form. This form allows event organizers to request their event be posted on both the calendar and the campus LED signs at the same time. 

Text may be edited by the calendar administrator, as needed, before posting. Items are usually posted within 48 hours. If you do not see your event posted in a timely manner or if you have any changes/corrections to the event information, please send an email to College Relations & Marketing Web Team. You do not need to submit an additional form.

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the submitter to check the Events Calendar to be sure your event was posted correctly.

NOTE: To make changes after the form has been submitted, send an email with the new information.


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