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College Data

Institutional Research & Effectiveness

 State and Federal Reports

The attached reports highlight the extensive reporting requirements of the College, that are produced and supported by the Planning, Research and Effectiveness Office in collaboration with other departments.

On-Demand Reports

On-demand reports are customized reports that are generated according to a user's specifications.  Depending on the report, users may define a number of parameters, such as term, campus, session, special designators, departments, etc.

Note: These reports are best viewed with Internet Explorer.  Using other browsers may result in errors or the report displaying improperly.

View On-Demand Reports

 Student Assessment Summary Reports

Student Assessment Summary Reports allows you to review online all student assessments of courses and faculty for the three most recent terms.  This tool provides you with the student response ratings compiled from end-of-term course assessments.  

Learn more about Student Assessment Summary Reports

Regularly-Issued Reports

Regularly-issued reports are not customizable, but rather are static reports that are issued by IRE at key points during a term or year.  It is likely that many of these will be converted to run on BI platform in the near future.

View Regularly-Issued Reports



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