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On-Demand Reports

On-demand reports are customized reports that are generated according to a user's specifications.  Depending on the report, users may define a number of parameters, such as term, campus, session, special designators, departments, etc.

Online Interactive Reports Manual -- basic instructions on how to access and download these reports.

Data for these reports come from our data warehouse, most of which is refreshed periodically throughout the day.

If you are asked to log in, you must log in with your full email address and password.


These reports are best viewed with Internet Explorer.  Using other browsers may result in errors or the report displaying improperly.


Class scheduling tools

Low enrollment alert (enrollment) NEW VERSION Enrollment statistics for sections with enrollments less than a specified number of filled seats. By term, campus and session. Provides additional detail on other sections that are available to students in order to determine whether a particular low enrollment section should be allowed to run.
Low enrollment alert (enrollment) ORIGINAL Enrollment statistics for sections with enrollments less than a specified number of filled seats. By term, campus and session.
Low enrollment alert (occupancy rate) Enrollment statistics for sections with enrollments less than a specified seat occupancy rate. By term, campus and session.
High enrollment alert Enrollment statistics for courses (rolled-up) with enrollment greater than a specified seat occupancy rate. By term and campus.
Mission critical Enrollment statistics for general education, college preparatory, Strategies (SLS1501) and other courses deemed critical to the College's mission.
Classes under special designator List of classes running under a selected special designator for a particular term, campus and session.
Classes listed by start and end times Lists classes that run between user-selected starting and ending times, for a particular term, campus and session.
Class schedule by department Generates the class schedule by term, campus, class type (credit/non-credit), session and department, including instructors and class enrollments.
Class schedule by building Generates the class schedule by term, campus, building and room.
Actual enrollment Original enrollment minus withdrawals.  By term, campus, class type (credit/noncredit), session and department.
Adjunct scheduling assistant

Provides a list of adjuncts (or FT faculty) who are credentialed to teach a particular course during a specified term. The user also specify a window during which the adjuncts have taught the course in the past.  Report is available only to Associate Deans and Department heads.

Mission Critical Term Comparison Report

This report offers like-terms (Fall-Spring-Summer) and prior year comparisons of mission critical courses to support enrollment demands. It also provides completion data for each mission critical course for further consideration by departments.

Canceled classes (developed and supported by IT)

This report provides a listing of canceled sections for a selected term, session, credit type and date.

Faculty tools

* Tracking student performance in subsequent courses Generates a grade distribution in a specified subsequent course for a cohort selected by the instructor. (Instructions)
* Tracking student retention and completion by section Generates a report for a class section selected by the instructor showing the grade obtained in the class and the current status of the student (still enrolled, graduated, etc.)
* Prior attempt students Generates a class roster showing students who have a prior attempt(s) in the class, with the term and grade received in the most recent attempt.
* 3-year/5-year grade distribution Grade distribution of all courses taught by the instructor for the previous 3 or 5 years of fall and spring terms. For this report, F and W grades are disaggregated, so that instructors can report on FX, WX and WN, as well.
Student Assessment of Teaching Generates a Student Assessment Summary Report for any full-time or adjunct faculty member for the last two major terms.

* Faculty access for their classes only.

Grade reports

Grade distribution summary Grade distributions by term, campus, credit type and course ID.
Grade distribution with instructor and class format Grade distributions by term, campus, credit type, course ID, instructor and class format.
Grade distribution for faculty appraisal Generates grade distributions for courses taught by a selected instructor aggregated over the most recent fall and spring terms, including comparisons to both campus and college distributions.
Distance learning vs. classroom grade distribution Produces a grade distribution of courses that were offered in both classroom and distance learning formats by term and by campus.
Credit/PSAV late grades Number of late grades by course, campus and term.
Never attended report Shows instructors who have not reported students who never attended class.
Missing grades (developed and supported by IT) Students whose grades have not been reported, by term, credit type, campus, department and session.

Advising tools

High school transcript by student ID Displays a student's high school transcript data for purposes of math and English placement and high school CTE course identification for possible Career Pathway articulation.
High school transcripts by reference number Displays high school transcript data of all students in a specified orientation session using a reference number. (Report may take up to a minute to run.)

Academic/program management tools

Program completers by term Generates a total number and list of students who have completed a program, by objective code and term.
Textbook certification by instructor Produces listing of faculty who have complied with textbook certification requirements.
Textbook certification by course ID Lists certified textbooks by instructor and course.
Textbook certification cross-reference Provides a bookmarked list of faculty with most recently certified textbooks.
Student course evaluation roll-up Shows student course evaluation results by term and course.
Faculty development course status Shows faculty and instructors who have completed or are enrolled in the online faculty development course.
Full-time/part-time faculty ratios Provides the ratio and a list of full-time and part-time faculty by term, campus and department.
General Education Course Enrollments Generates the number of students enrolled in general education courses by term, campus and general education course ID.
Class Notes Generates classes that contains class notes for a specific term and campus.
Development and 3000/4000 Level Courses Generates a report on students in both Development Education and Upper Level courses for a specific semester.


Student services tools 

Applications by term and preferred campus Count of new and readmit credit and vocational applications by the student-declared preferred campus for a specified term.
Campus testing center visits Count of monthly visits to a campus testing center by the student's declared preferred campus.
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