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PBSC will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2023, in observance of Memorial Day.


Like a survey, but better!

What is ThoughtExchange and how does it work?

With just one question, ThoughtExchange starts conversations and uses analytics to identify common themes and suggestions. The anonymous survey tool gives people a chance to share their real thoughts and provides transparency into how others are thinking. It captures qualitative input then allows participants to rate ideas and thoughts and turn them into action.

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What's different about ThoughtExchange?

ThoughtExchange allows you to ask a single question then hear all voices as people rate the thought or idea with anti-biased technology. Turn digital discussions into new insights. 

Prioritized the best ideas and get buy-in among participants from small groups to large. Turn insights into data-driven decisions. 



Make your voice heard in two easy steps:


Step 1 - Submit a Thought

Step 2 - Rate a Thought



Current Exchanges


Academic Affairs

What can Academic Affairs leadership do to support the Academic Pathways effort that also impacts the Pathways and QEP initiatives?  View ThoughtExchange Results




What could we add to the MYPBSC app and student portal (and what current features should we be sure to keep) to create a better user experience?  View ThoughtExchange Results



CTLE Initial Impressions

What are your initial impressions and thoughts of your CTLE faculty educational development and training program? View ThoughtExchange Results


Continouos Improvement and Assessment

Reflecting on your work in continuous improvement and assessment, what are the most important ways these processes can build a culture of student and institutional success?  View ThoughtExchange Results


Research not Conducting

What research is the College not conducting that you see as a gap and believe would advance efforts to achieve student success and our strategic goals? View ThoughtExchange Results


View ThoughtExchange Results

If you could create the ideal student experience, what would you improve about PBSC to foster a sense of belonging within our college community? View ThoughtExchange Results


View ThoughtExchange Results

What thoughts do you have about additional ways PBSC can motivate students to finish the semester and reenroll in the fall? View ThoughtExchange Results


View ThoughtExchange Results

What thoughts or ideas do you have, if any, to improve our mission statement? View ThoughtExchange Results


View ThouthtExchange Results

What ideas do you have to help us to better manage, track, and gain accountability for achieving College goals and desired results? View ThoughtExchange Results


View ThoughtExchange Results

How can ThoughtExchange be used to advance our efforts to align our initiatives in support of Panther Strong 2023? View ThoughtExchange Results


View ThoughtExchange Results

What are some notable successes from this past year to celebrate? View ThoughtExchange Results



Future Exchanges

List of upcoming exchanges that will be available soon.

How can we ensure that Palm Beach State College is the “College of Choice” for our community?

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