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Financial Aid at the Bookstore - FAQ

When can I use my financial aid at the bookstore? 

Students may be eligible to purchase books for Summer using financial aid. Summer financial aid will be available at the bookstore from May 11 - May 29. Students should purchase books for ALL SUMMER TERMS during this time. 

Students should speak with a financial aid advisor to determine if they are eligible.

How does Financial aid Work? 

Click here for a video breakdown of bookstore financial aid. 


What if the bookstore does not have my book in stock?

Request to pre-pay for the book and the bookstore will call you when it arrives at the store.

Is the bookstore open on the weekends?

Some extended hours may be available during the  financial aid period.  View bookstore hours.

How do I pay for books with financial aid?

After you have selected all of your books, take your books and your Panthercard to the cashier at the bookstore. Tell the cashier that you are using financial aid and give them your PantherCard. Your PantherCard will be used to verify that you have funds available and the purchase will be deducted from your bookstore funds.

Are bookstore funds separate from my financial aid award?

No, the bookstore allowance on your PantherCard is a portion of your financial aid award that is listed on PantherWeb.

Why does my friend have more money for books that I have for books?

Your bookstore allowance is calculated based on several factors, including your enrollment and amount of excess aid available. You can check your available balance at any time by viewing your PantherCard online card account. Questions about the amount of your bookstore allowance should be referred to your campus financial aid office. For additional information on how the bookstore allowance is calculated, please check the financial aid office website.

Why is there no money on my card for books?

Financial aid funds are added to the PantherCards each morning. If you just registered for classes today, please check back tomorrow to see if your funds have been added. If you have been registered for more than 24 hours, please contact your campus financial aid office.

Can I rent books with my financial aid?

Yes, you can use your financial aid to pay the initial rental fee for your books; however, you will need to provide the bookstore with a credit or debit card for collateral in case the book is not returned.

To make rentals easier, be sure you have signed up for a rental account before you get to the store. Visit from your phone, tablet, or computer to register if you have never rented before. 

Can I purchase books online with my financial aid?

Yes! Students can purchase books online from the Palm Beach State Bookstores. To use your financial aid online, select "Financial Aid" as the form of payment. Store pick-up is the only delivery option available for payments with financial aid. This is a great way to avoid the long lines. Your books will be waiting for you to pick them up. Don't forget to bring your PantherCard with you to the bookstore when you pick up your books. To find your books, visit the bookstore website or click on the book icon from within PantherWeb. 

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