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PantherCard FAQ

I am under 18 and do not have a Driver's License, can I still get a PantherCard?

Dual-enrollment students may present a high school ID and will be asked to answer additional verification questions. Students under the age of 18 who do not have any form of identification may have their parent/guardian complete a verification form in place of photo ID and submit it with a copy of a valid photo ID from the parent/guardian.


How do I open a PantherCard account on my PantherCard?

The account is automatically created once you complete your application to Palm Beach State.


How can money be added to my PantherCard account?

Cash deposits can be made at the PantherCard Kiosks located on each campus. You can also make deposits online or by mail.


My PantherCard has been lost or stolen. What should I do?

You should immediately notify the PantherCard Office of the situation at (561) 868-3567. Your account will then be inactivated to prevent unauthorized use until a replacement card can be issued and your account re-activated. You can also report your card lost/stolen online at the online card office.


How do I get a replacement PantherCard?

Replacement PantherCards are available for a fee of $10. The replacement fee must be paid in advance via Emarket before the card will be issued. The fee will be waived for a stolen PantherCard if a police report has been filed. Please send a copy of the report to the panthercard office via email (  You can then upload a new photo using our online photo upload option or contact the PantherCard Office via email to request a replacement card to be mailed to you using the photo already on file. Cards are mailed to the student's mailing address on file with the College.


I need to purchase my books with financial aid but I have not yet received my PantherCard in the mail, how can I buy my books?

You can view your Virtual PantherCard online and obtain the card number that is needed to make an online bookstore purchase.


My card says Palm Beach Community College - will it still work?

Older PantherCards (including those with the Palm Beach Community College logo) are considered valid cards as long as there is a 14-digit card number listed on the back. Students will be charged the $10 replacement fee to obtain a new PantherCard if the card is considered valid. Additional information on replacement criteria is available in the policies and procedures section of the PantherCard website.


I left the College for awhile and now I am back, do I still have to pay the replacement fee for a new PantherCard?

Students who were last enrolled at the College prior to 2022 will receive a free replacement. Additional information on replacement criteria is available in the important information section of the PantherCard website.


Can I withdraw money from my debit account(s)?

Withdrawal of cash funds are not permitted from any PantherCard account unless you have graduated or withdrawn from Palm Beach State College. Details of the account termination and refund policy are available in the important information section of the PantherCard website. Refund requests can be submitted through Workday. Refund requests will also be approved if the funds on the card are the result of a bookstore refund.


What happens to funds on my PantherCard accounts at the end of the year?

PantherCard account funds automatically carry over from year to year, ready for use at any time.  Refund requests are processed after the last day of final exams for the spring term with the refund applied to the student's account at the Office of Student Account Services. For students who have graduated or withdrawn, requests for refunds are accepted at any time. Refund requests should be submitted through Workday.


What is PantherCard Online?

PantherCard Online is a web-based account management tool for PantherCard cardholders. It allows cardholders to add additional funds using a credit card, access transaction data for their account, report their cards lost or stolen, and contact the PantherCard Office.


What can I do using PantherCard Online?

Cardholders can do the following using the PantherCard Online:

  • View transaction data
  • Add funds using a credit card
  • Report PantherCard lost or stolen
  • Contact the PantherCard Office by email

How do my parents access my PantherCard Online account without seeing my grades and academic information?

The online guest deposits are not linked to Workday and do not allow parents to see your transaction history, account balance, or academic information.


Who do I contact if the system is down?

For any problems associated with the PantherCard Online website, please contact the PantherCard Office at (561) 868-3567 or (561) 868-3331 or by email.


Who do I contact if there is a discrepancy in my account?

For all account discrepancies or other issues, please contact the PantherCard Office by email. Please include contact information, including PantherCard card number and first and last name when sending emails. Someone from the PantherCard Office staff will be in touch with you to assist with your problem.

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