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Textbook Information

Textbook Information

Textbook/Software selection is based on Palm Beach State Textbook Selection Policy and individually approved Cluster Textbook Selection Procedures. After a textbook/software selection is made, cluster chairs must submit a completed Textbook/Software Adoption Form to Academic Coordinator, along with copies of the revised course outlines and cluster minutes approving the textbook changes. With this information, course outline list will be updated and then the Academic Coordinator will determine if curriculum action is required for the change. Part-time faculty members will need to contact their department chairs or cluster chairs to request a current copy of the Course Outlines.

Textbook/Software Selection 

Three Years or More since Textbook/Software Revision
If a course has not changed its textbook/software in three years or more, the selection process follows what is outlined by the Palm Beach State Policy on Textbook/Software Selection and the specific cluster textbook selection policy. Once the textbook is selected, an update course outline and the cluster minutes approving the selection are sent to Academic Services and are posted on the online course list.

Less Than Three Years since Textbook/Software Revision 
If course textbook/software changes occur within three years of the last selection/revision, in addition to the cluster selection process, a completed textbook/software adoption form is submitted to Academic Services along with the cluster minutes and updated course outline. These documents are sent to the Associate Dean, Dean, Director of the Library and Tech Infrastructure Director for electronic approval. Once these signatures are gathered, the form, cluster minutes and the revised outline are sent to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for approval. VPAA approval will authorize Academic Services to post the updated outline and textbook/software on the Palm Beach State College website.

To view the list of textbooks that are on current order for the College, visit the Follett Web site. There, you will key in "Florida" to select the location. Next, you will select the Palm Beach State location of your course. Finally, you will key in the course number. The course text title and price will be displayed. Computer Resource Management provides an online Web site where faculty can view textbook software evaluations and licensing information. The CRM’s at each respective location will keep this page up to date as they test and evaluate textbook software.

Bookstore Ordering Deadlines

Fall: April 15

Spring: September 15

Summer: February 1

Rubric for Course Material Selection

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