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The Compliance Coordinator assists college faculty and staff with academic compliance as required by College & Board Policies, Florida Statutes & Rules, and Federal Laws. 

The links below will direct you to the web pages and documents on each of the areas that are monitored, including additional information for faculty and staff. 

Please see the Academic Calendars or go to the Compliance Calendar (directions below) in Outlook for deadlines on course syllabus posting, mid-term grading, incomplete grading, and final course grades. Faculty and academic staff are notified of deadlines prior to the due dates, for syllabus posting and mid-term grading.

Faculty, Instructors and Staff are encouraged to add the shared Compliance Calendar to their Outlook Calendar. Please follow these steps to ensure deadlines are not missed:

1. In the Outlook Calendar, click on the Home Tab.
2. Click on "Add Calendar", and then click on "From Address Book".
3. Type “Compliance” in the search bar, and “Compliance – Calendar”
    will populate in the Calendar Box below, and then click “OK.”

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