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Transfer Credit Manual

The following provides students and advisors information on how coursework, degrees and other evidence of learning may qualify students for awarding of credit. 

Palm Beach State College has defined policies for evaluating, awarding, and accepting credit for transfer, prior learning assessment, acceleration credit, and professional certificates that is consistent with the College’s mission. Credit award is based on acceptability at the college-level, applicability to degree requirements, and comparability to the quality and learning outcomes of the College’s courses or program requirements. Palm Beach State assumes responsibility for all coursework recorded on its transcripts as demonstrated by the policies and procedures in this document. 

The College’s policies on acceptance of academic credit are in compliance with Florida Statute 1007.24 (Statewide Course Numbering System), which sets forth the guidelines on accepting of credit from other educational institutions.  The College’s policies also adhere to provisions set forth in Florida Statute 1007.23 (Statewide Articulation Agreement), Florida Administrative Codes 6A-10.024 (Articulation Between and Among Universities, Community Colleges, and School Districts), and 6A-10.043 (Nonpublic College Participation in the Statewide Course Numbering System).

Palm Beach State complies with state regulations governing accelerated mechanisms for awarding college credit and program completion found in Florida Statute 1007.27 (Articulated Acceleration Mechanisms) and Florida Administrative Code 6A-14.031 (Accelerated Mechanisms for Program Completion). 

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