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Palm Beach State College is closed Monday, Jan. 21, 2019 is observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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Admission to Palm Beach State College




I am a Graduating High School Senior - Class of 2019

Premier Scholarships available to graduating seniors
Application open: November 12, 2018 - April 12, 2019

Step 1: Apply to Palm Beach State College (PBSC) if you are NOT a current student


Step 2: Apply for the High School senior scholarship. PBSC Student ID and password required.


I am a High School Student - Not Graduating

Become a Dual Enrolled high school student and get a jump on your college education

Step 1:Visit our Dual Enrollment website to learn about the requirements

Step 2: Complete a PBSC application


I am a High School Graduate/GED

To be eligible to apply for any degree program you must have completed one of the following:

  • Standard high school diploma from a regionally accredited high school* OR
  • High school equivalency diploma (GED) OR
  • Completed a Florida home education program, in accordance with FS 1003.43 and 1003.25 OR
  • Met all standard high school diploma requirements except the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT); however, applicants are not eligible to apply for Limited Access programs, to participate in the College's athletic program, or to receive financial aid.


I want to earn an Associate in Arts Degree AA, AS or BAS degree?

Explore our Associates of Arts (AA) degrees and their requirements and Information


I want to earn an Associate in Science (AS) Degree

Explore our Associates of Science (AS) degrees and their requirements and Information


I want to earn a Bachelors of Science degree

Explore our Bachelors of Arts (BAS) Degrees and their requirements and Information


I am not sure, I want to explore all the degree programs

All Programs offered at PBSC


I am a High School Graduate/GED looking to learn a Trade

Applicants must complete a Application for Admission and may or may not be required to have a high school diploma.

These programs are part of Trade and Industry with their focus is preparing you to enter the workforce with a trade.


I want to earn a Post Secondary Adult Vocational (PSAV) Certificate

PSAV programs are clock-hour based noncredit programs that provide the student with broad entry-level skills in the chosen field of study.

Explore our PSAV programs and learn about their requirements

Attend an Information Session


I want to earn a College Credit Certificate (CCC)

These programs provide the student with a set of technical skills in a specific area of study. Each college credit certificate applies towards an associate in science degree.

Explore our CCC programs and their requirements

Attend an Information Session



I am looking to enroll in a Limited Access Program?

Limited Access programs have separate admissions processes and selection criteria. Not all applicants will be accepted.

Step 1: Attend an Information Session if one is available for the program you would like to study.

Step 2: Complete the PBSC Admissions Application process

Step 3: Complete the Limited Access Application for the program you've chosen by visiting the site from the list

Step 4: Call, Email or visit with the respective program directors to clarify any questions you may have.



I am a Transfer Student to PBSC

Step 1: Explore our list of programs to determine what you want to pursue

Step 2. Attend an information Session if it is available

Step 3. Complete the PBSC Admissions Application process


I am an International Student looking to enroll at PBSC

Step 1: Explore our International Student guidelines

Step 2: Explore our programs and decide on a major.

Step 4: Complete an International Student Admissions Application


I am an Adult and Continuing Education Student

Applicants seeking to enroll in non-credit continuing education courses should visit the CCE website.




Florida Residency Declaration

All applicants to college credit courses or PSAV programs must complete a Florida residency declaration. The Florida residency declaration is included in the Application for Admission. View FL Residency Guidelines.


Transcript Request

Applicants will need to provide transcripts from their high school or previous college institutions during the admission process. Current or previous PBSC students may need to obtain their college transcripts. For more details, view the Transcript Request page.

Palm Beach State College has authorized National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verification certificates for its students through its online Student Self-Service program. This service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will allow students the ability to print, save, or e-mail official enrollment verification certificates FREE of charge.

Follow the easy steps below to obtain an official enrollment verification certificate:

1. Log into PantherWeb with your Student ID and Password.

2. On your student home page, click on Records (on the top navigational bar), then select Enrollment Certification. (A welcome page will appear, click on the "Click Here" button.)

3. On the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service page, select whether you would like to obtain your current enrollment or all enrollment data, then click on "obtain an enrollment certificate."

If the Internet Explorer displays an information bar such as: "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options." Click on the information bar and then click Download File.

4. Once the data has been created (PDF format), you may print, save or e-mail the verification certificate.

5. Important Reminder - Log off when you are done to protect the privacy of your records

Other FREE services provided by the National Student Clearinghouse Self-Service program:

bull; Obtain a Good Student Discount Certificate to print and mail to an auto insurer or other company that requests proof of your status as a Good Student for the current term.

bull; View your enrollment information on file with the National Student Clearinghouse.

bull; View the student loan deferment notifications that the Clearinghouse has provided to your loan holders (lenders and guarantors).

bull; View the proof(s) of enrollment that the Clearinghouse has provided to your health insurers and other providers of student services or products.

bull; View specific information about your student loans.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires each institution to determine "directory information" that may be released without the student's consent, unless the student has specifically requested that some or all of the information not be released. Palm Beach State has classified the following as directory information:

  • Student name
  • Personal e-mail address (non-institutional)
  • Dates of attendance (session dates only)
  • Major field of study
  • Weight and height of members of athletic teams
  • Degrees and awards received
  • Educational institution attended

If a student does not wish to have the directory information released, the student must complete and submit a non-disclosure form. The non-disclosure form is located on PantherWeb. (Log in to PantherWeb and click on "Non-Disclosure" under the "Records" heading at the top of your screen).

College Catalog

In compliance with FL Statute 119.071(5), Palm Beach State College issues this notification regarding the purpose of the collection and use of your social security number.

Palm Beach State collects your social security number for use in performance of the College's duties and responsibilities. To protect your identity, Palm Beach State will secure your social security number from unauthorized access. Palm Beach State will never release your social security number to unauthorized parties, and each student at Palm Beach State will be issued a unique student identification number. Your unique ID number is used for all associated educational purposes at Palm Beach State such as registration, access of your online records, etc.

Specifically, Palm Beach State collects students' social security numbers for the following purposes:

Federal legislation relating to the Hope Tax Credit requires that all postsecondary institutions report the social security number of all postsecondary students to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This IRS requirement makes it necessary for community colleges to collect the social security number of every student. A student may refuse to disclose his or her social security number to the College for this purpose, but the College is authorized by IRS to fine the student $50.

In addition to the federal reporting requirements, the public school system in Florida uses social security number as a student identifier (section 1008.386, F.S.). In a seamless K-20 system, it is beneficial for postsecondary institutions to have access to the same information for purposes of tracking and assisting students in the smooth transition from one education level to the next. All social security numbers are protected by federal regulations and are never released to unauthorized parties.

Financial Aid
A student's social security number is required for the following financial aid purposes: The United States Department of Education's (USDOE) Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) requires all applicants to report their social security number to be used for all federal financial aid programs as a student identifier for processing and reporting. In addition to its use by USDOE as a student identifier, the social security number is required in order for the Department of Homeland Security to investigate citizenship status, for the Federal Work Study Program, and is required on all loan applications for use by the lender/servicer/guarantor.

Palm Beach State collects a student's social security number on certain institutional scholarship applications for student files and federal and state audit/reporting purposes.

If you are a recipient of a State of Florida grant or scholarship such as the Florida Student Assistance Grant, Florida Work Experience or Bright Futures the State of Florida Department of Education will require the use of the social security number on their grant/scholarship disbursement website and for reporting purposes.

Veteran Services
The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs utilizes social security numbers as an identifier. In order for the College to certify veterans for VA educational benefits, it is necessary to obtain the veterans; social security numbers to match the veterans with the records maintained by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Outreach Programs
The College Reach-Out Programs are youth outreach (intervention) projects funded by discretionary grants from the US or FL Departments of Education. In order to verify a participant's project eligibility, social security numbers are required and also later used when submitting information for the Annual Performance Reports due to the US or FL Departments of Education.

Workforce Programs
These programs, funded through the Agency for Workforce Innovation (AWI), use your social security number as an identifier for program enrollment and completion. Also, it is used for entering placement information into either the OSMIS or the Employ Florida Marketplace statewide data collection and reporting system. Because these are performance based contract programs, AWI requires that all participants and their program related activities be recorded in the Florida state system.

For admissions or registration related issues or assistance with the application process, please contact us through one of the following media:

Phone: (561) 967-7222 or (561) 868-3350 and Toll Free at (866) 576-7222



Belle Glade - Registration/Classrooms (CRA) Building

Phone: (561) 993-1121 Fax: (561) 993-1170

Monday - Thursday:8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm*

Map and Driving Directions


Boca Raton - Administration (AD) Building

Phone: (561) 862-4340 Fax: (561) 862-4350

Monday - Thursday:8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Friday:8:00 am to 5:00 pm*

Map and Driving Directions


Lake Worth - Paul J. Glynn (PG) Building

Phone: (561) 868-3300 Fax: (561) 868-3584

Monday - Thursday:8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Friday:8:00 am to 5:00 pm*

Map and Driving Directions


Loxahatchee Groves - LGA101 Registration/Admissions

Phone: (561) 790-9000 Fax: (561) 790-9048

Monday - Thursday:8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Friday:8:00 am to 5:00 pm*

15845 Southern Boulevard, Loxahatchee, FL 33470


Palm Beach Gardens - Administration (AD) Building

Phone: (561) 561-207-5300 Fax: (561) 207-5315

Monday - Thursday:8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Friday:8:00 am to 5:00 pm*

Map and Driving Directions


* Note: During the summer, the College is closed at all locations on Friday.

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