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CALENDARS: Academic - Class Meeting - Registration

View the current 2019-2020 Academic Calendar prepared by the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA).

View the current 2019-2020 Class Meeting Calendar prepared by the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

View Student Services Academic and Registration Calendars prepared by Student Services and containing student-specific information.


2020-2021 Class Meeting Calendar (Draft - Pending State Approval)

2021-2022 Class Meeting Calendar (DRAFT - pending District Board of Trustees Approval and State Approval)

2020-2021 Academic Calendar (Draft - Pending State Approval)


View Prior Class Meeting  and Academic Calendars:

2018-2019 Academic Calendar
2018-2019 Class Meeting Calendar


Academic Calendars are completed 3 years in advance by the VPAA office. The Academic Calendar is a 1-page document showing all terms in a format required by the State.  The process for creating the next Academic Calendar in the sequence begins in October of each year. The VPAA office develops this calendar according to a process which includes mandates by the State for -

  • entry dates for the beginning of each semester;
  • number of days of instruction required.

Faculty duty days as directed in the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement are also used as an element in the creation of the Academic Calendar -

  • 4 days of non-instruction each fall and spring to include in-service days prior to fall and spring terms, Academic Development Days, and Commencements.

Other college policies affecting calendar development are Saturday, Sunday and Holiday Class Scheduling, located in Section G of the Academic Management Manual.

Drafts of the academic and class meeting calendars are distributed via email to all college employees for review.  Comments and suggestions from faculty and staff are considered before the final draft is submitted to the Palm Beach State College Board of Trustees for approval, usually in January.

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