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Committees & Councils

Academic Integrity Team

The team's mission is to promote academic integrity in concert with faculty, students and administrators and strives to develop effective policies, procedures and resources to help instill best practices in faculty and students.


Active Learning Spaces Action Team

With the Classroom environment ever changing, Palm Beach State College is devoted to providing the most modern and technologically advanced learning spaces for our students.  Our team is composed of members that actively work to provide these environments to our students and faculty.


Adjunct Faculty Advisory Council

This action team works to determine the extent, makeup, needs and concerns of the adjunct faculty and reports to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) what these needs and concerns are, and with works with the VPAA to address these needs and concerns.



Civility Committee

The Lake Worth Civility Committee works to make our campus an even nicer place to be.  Due to the all-volunteer nature of our committee, and the fact that we have no budget, we mostly do small monthly awareness events (usually joining other campus events) to lift the spirit, spread smiles, and remind people of the importance of kindness.  In addition to these monthly events, we meet once a month in fall and spring, typically on the second or third Friday of the month, from 10 to 11 a.m.  We also host a conference in October (Civility and Respect Through Understanding, or CARTU) and Civility Is Sweet week in February.  Additional civility-related initiatives can be undertaken provided members have sufficient time to work on them. Our committee is open to employees and students. 


College Affordability Task Force

In order to address the many challenges students and families face in paying for higher education, and to make sure that Palm Beach State College takes an active stance in recognizing the need for affordable options for our students. this committee focuses on increasing college affordability.  The group uses a multilateral approach, e.g. by dissemination information amongst our faculty about the use of free and open educational resources (OER) or informing students about ways to save money via the College Affordability Webpage.


Course Scheduling

This action team is charged to conduct a comprehensive review of Palm Beach State College's classroom and academic processes, procedures and protocols to determine a path forward that balances the needs of our students and faculty with our existing campus resources.


Curriculum Committee

Committee membership fosters broad faculty and administrative perspective on the curriculum process, ensuring curriculum actions are in agreement with the College’s mission and goals. This Committee reviews, monitors, and/or approves changes to the curriculum (i.e., new programs and courses, revisions, and deletions) and makes recommendations for revisions to the college offerings to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The Curriculum Committee is responsible for ensuring that all courses and programs have instructional integrity, address appropriate learning outcomes, fit into a sequential framework that leads to students’ achieving the respective competencies, and meet the College’s standards of excellence.  The Committee includes seventeen (17) voting members—faculty and administrative representatives. There are twelve (12) faculty members representing the various programs and Academic Pathways. New faculty members are nominated in April and serve 2-year terms.  The Dean of Curriculum and staff serve as liaisons for this committee with the State Course Numbering System and Florida Department of Education Division of Career and Adult Education and monitor the College’s catalog and webpage content related to the curriculum.


Meeting Schedule:      Meetings are held from 3:00-5:00 pm one Thursday per month, during Fall and Spring academic terms on the LW Campus and via virtual meeting. Emergency voting via email is used when needed.


RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Academic Services – Dean of Curriculum & Academic Curriculum Coordinator


Faculty Development Committee

The goal of the committee is to design and implement a comprehensive faculty development plan for review and approval by President's Cabinet.  The committee is comprised of one Human Resources representative, and one Academic Dean, the VPAA, and faculty members. 


Faculty Promotion Committee

Reviews requests for promotion of faculty for advancement in rank whose requirements have been verified by Human Resources.


General Education & Assessment Committee

The mission of the General Education & Assessment Committee is to promote, support and monitor academic assessment activities at the College, as they relate to general education, and to provide quality faculty development for new and experienced faculty and instructors. This committee will utilize assessment results, faculty and instructor interests, as well as new emerging scholarships, to create faculty development opportunities, including Academic Development Days.

RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: IRE - Assessment Director (Dr. Karen Pain).

Honors College Advisory Council

The Honors College Advisory Council works closely with the Honors College manager and assists with providing direction for the Honors College, including development and facilitation of honors faculty, guidelines for Honors curriculum ,and standards for student entrance and completion. The council makes recommendations to the VPAA.  The Honors College Advisory Council meets once per month on Fridays in the fall and spring semester at the Lake Worth Campus and membership is membership is a two year academic term.

RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Academic Services & Honors College


This action team will develop a strategic plan that supports innovative teaching and learning at Palm Beach State College.


Staff & Program Development (SPD) Committee

Review / recommend requests from the academic area (faculty, instructors, administrators, staff and CCE staff) for SPD funding of non-essential travel and activities.



Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee's mission is to provide and support healthy lifestyle/events throughout the academic year for the Palm Beach State College community and to help empower the students, staff, and faculty to be responsible for their well-being in the fulfillment of their personal and academic goals. The committee works in collaboration with the Wellness Center and Student Activities to organize on-campus Health related interactive events.



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