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Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Application Process

Sabbatical leave is for instructional faculty, counselors, and librarians. The sabbatical application is sent electronically.

Applications may be for either one term, fall or spring, funded at full salary; or two terms, funded at 75% salary. More details can be found in the Faculty Agreement, Article XXVII, Section I.

Application Requirements

The following guidelines for sabbatical leave have been established for instructional faculty, counselors and librarians.

  1. Sabbatical leave may be granted for the purpose of travel or professional academic advancement.
  2. In the aggregate, not more than two percent (2%) of the full-time instructional faculty, counselors, or librarians shall be on sabbatical leave during one fiscal year.
  3. Eligible employees are in or beyond the seventh continuous year of full-time employment at the College. Once an employee has been awarded a Sabbatical Leave, an additional seven years of full-time service must accrue before that employee is eligible for a second Sabbatical Leave.
  4. An employee on sabbatical leave may request one term with one hundred percent (100%) of full pay or two terms with seventy-five percent (75%) of full pay.
  5. Those applying for sabbatical leave must, by January 2, submit to the Sabbatical Leave Committee a written outline of his/her plans, which shall show the benefit to be derived from his/her leave by the College's instructional program.
  6.  A written report must be completed and submitted upon taking a sabbatical leave.
  7. An employee granted sabbatical leave must adhere to all board policies.
  8. An employee who is granted sabbatical leave must return to Palm Beach State College for one contractual year of service following such leave, or he/she will be required to repay the College any salary paid to him while on leave. Exception to this rule may be made if both the College and the person agree to the exception.  Should the person granted a sabbatical leave not be able to proceed with the plans for which the sabbatical leave was awarded, he/she must return to the campus for duty.
  9. Sabbatical leave does not obviate any fringe benefits (except sick leave and annual leave). It shall begin on the first duty day of the term for which it is granted unless the recipient requests and receives approval otherwise.
  10.  Any travel outside the State of Florida related to the Sabbatical must be written into the Sabbatical Application and explained how it relates to the Sabbatical.
  11. The President or designee shall create and appoint a Sabbatical Leave Committee. Any action or recommendation of the Committee will be advisory to the President.

Process and Forms

  1. Sabbatical application
  2. Sample sabbatical application
  3. Scoring rubric for application
  4. Sabbatical report (to be completed at the end of sabbatical)


  • October - Announcement by email to instructional faculty, counselors, and librarians of availability of sabbatical leave for next academic year.
  • January 2 - Sabbatical Leave applications are due - Only electronic applications will be accepted. 
  • March/April - Faculty, counselors, and/or librarians (Deans, Associate Deans, and Provosts) are notified if their sabbatical application was approved.

Award Recipients

Most recent recipients  (past seven years shown)




2021-2022 - No sabbatical leaves were awarded.

2020-2021 - No sabbatical leaves were awarded.



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