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ENC1101 Diagnostics

In order to provide ENC1101 students with an evaluation of their writing and grammar skills, Palm Beach State College faculty have developed a set of materials to assist in this process. These materials are linked below and should be used by faculty teaching ENC1101. The use is not mandatory; however using the documents will provide valuable data to assess a student's writing ability.


If you have suggestions on how we could improve these materials, please complete the evaluation survey.

The materials are as follows:

1. Three different reading passages and instructions on the student's assignment based on the passage.

2. A holistic rubric which will provide the student with feedback on their writing ability and provide recommendations.

You may download these documents and use them in your ENC1101 class.

The rubric is two pages - it can be printed double-sided and graded manually or as a Word form.

The process:

  1. Download the materials from this web page.
  2. Choose which of the three passages you wish to use (or try all three in different classes) – you can make photocopies which can be reused from section to section (students should NOT keep the prompts).
  3. Assess the student’s essay using the supplied rubric. The rubric can be printed front and back so that one piece of paper is returned to the student. Please keep a copy of the assigned scores by student ID in your grade book for analysis purposes.
  4. Return the rubric to the student and discuss options with the class.
  5. Enter your scores in the online web tool - please click this link:
  6. Sign on to the link with your user ID and password you use for college email.
  7. Click on your class section(s)
  8. The student ID/Names appear from your class roster - enter each student's score (scale of 1 to 5) - please do not enter percentages! If you use a different rubric, just enter your score on its scale (no percentages).


Reading Passage 1 - Ted Talk

Reading Passage 2 - Dog DNA

Reading Passage 3 - Guns and the Two Americas

Diagnostic Rubric


Evaluation Survey

Print page