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Faculty Procedures & Test Instruction Forms

Out-of-Class Exams

Out-of-Class Testing is defined as any exam which is taken outside the normal class testing window or location. This applies to both Classroom and Online classes. A Palm Beach State student who will miss or has missed a regularly scheduled class exam may be permitted to take an Out-of-Class exam. The professor must approve an Out-of-Class exam. 

Students are offered an opportunity to take an Out-of-Class exam in the test centers:

  • They must be referred to a Palm Beach State test center by their professor. The professor must create the testing instructions in RegisterBlast.
  • Students are required to pay a $5 Out-of-Class test fee through Emarket prior to testing. Students registered with the Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) are excluded from the fee.
  • This service is offered on an individual basis, only.
  • Whole classes taking or retaking an exam, in one sitting or over a span of several days, do not qualify for Out-of-Class testing in a Palm Beach State test center.

Test Centers only accept tests and test instruction forms from a professor or staff member (NOT student workers).

Note: Online exams only with the exception of CSA accomodations.

Faculty: RegisterBlast Login  

Online Exams for PBSC Students

RegisterBlast is used to submit instructions to the Testing Center for online exams. Students may take an exam at the PBSC Testing Center of their choice, provided the instructor has submitted the exam with instructions to the Testing Center.

 Password Procedure:

  • Password characters must be 6-10 characters in length. Passwords are not to exceed 10 characters
  • Do not use number 0 and letter o
  • Do not use capital letters and special characters (Students often use the capital key on the student keyboard when inserting their login information and do not release it.

Faculty: RegisterBlast Login  

Correspondence Exams

This Instruction Form is to be used when your student is off campus and needs to take your exam at another institution. It can be used for either online or pencil/paper exams. You can complete this form and email it along with your exam to the proctoring institution.

Once the exam has been taken, the proctor should complete the bottom section of the form and email it back to you.

Faculty: Test Instruction Form for Proctored Testing at Another Institution 

** Save the PDF file to your computer. Complete the form and then email it to the Proctoring Institution along with your exam.

Testing Policies and Procedures

 Testing Policies and Procedures for Palm Beach State Faculty  (2018-19)

Waiver of Instructor Designated Test Time

  • If students arrive at the Testing Center and do not have the full amount of time designated by the instructor they will be permitted to sign a Test Time Waiver Form and take their test in less time.
  • The Test Time Waiver Form will be attached to the exam and returned to the instructor. 
  • Cut-off time for Test Time Waivers is 30 minutes before closing. Students must have made prior payment, completed the waiver form, and be checked in and seated no later than 30 minutes before closing in order to be allowed to waive their time.
  • Test Center staff will not stay past the Test Center closing times as noted on the Waiver Form.

Exam Retakes and Classroom Proctoring

  • Exam Retakes – when a student is permitted to retake a test because the student did not do well the first time he/she took the test in the classroom.
  • Classroom Proctoring - having an entire class take an exam in the Testing Center instead of in the classroom.
  • Exam retakes and classroom proctoring are not the responsibility of the Testing Centers.
  • Faculty must make other arrangements if allowing students to retake an exam.

Electronic Devices – Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, eBooks, Calculators with internet access

  • Electronic Devices – Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, eBooks, eReaders, Calculators with internet access, etc. – are not permitted in the Testing Centers for Out-of-Class or Distance Learning exams unless specified in the class syllabus that the device is required for the class and/or permitted to be used during testing.
  • No modifications or downloads are permitted on the Testing Center computers.
  • Faculty are aware that test security could be breached when using these devices. Breaches may include but are not limited to – text messaging, email, internet access, picture taking, access to information stored on the device, ability to enter test questions into the device.
  • Students will be given a card by the proctor to designate that they are permitted to have an electronic device at their desk.

Note: To be eligible for testing, all students must provide appropriate photo ID. Acceptable ID may include:

  • PBSC PantherCard for PERT, ESL, TABE, Accuplacer, Out-of-Class, and Distance Learning exams ONLY
  • U.S. Drivers license with Photo
  • U.S. State, county, or municipality issued ID with Photo
  • U.S. Federal government issued ID with Photo
  • Current Alien Registration Card (Green Card) with recent Photo
  • Current Passport with a recent Photo
  • Dual Enrolled High School Students are permitted to use High School ID

Contact Info

Palm Beach State Faculty can contact the specific test center regarding a student test and testing procedures:

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