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Micro-Credentialing at Palm Beach State College

Why Badges and Micro-Credentials?

Badges and micro-credentials demonstrate the value of intentional skill-based coursework that leads to professional excellence. As you complete your professional development goals, badges and micro-credentials not only recognize the special skill sets and knowledge you earn, but they also help you remain current in your field. They encourage and record life-long learning! Micro-credentialing meets your learning needs. Allowing for social mobility, micro-credentials identify, and reward specific skills and knowledge acquired, making you a better qualified and dedicated professional. Micro-credentialing helps provide a faster route for professional credibility and may be considered for promotions and raises.



About Badgr (Badging Platform)

The micro-credentialing program operates under a digital credential network called Badgr. Badgr supports the issuance of badges and micro-credentials. The Badgr website displays the pathways that lead to micro-credentials, and it houses the learning record of each learner who has earned both badges and micro-credentials. In Badgr, the learner sees the competencies and skills mastered with the completion of each badge and can track their movement along the pathway to the micro-credential.  All learner achievements are stored in a digital “student backpack”. This digital “student backpack” is shareable with social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter and others, and it is portable, which means the information stored within it travels with the learner as he or she moves through their professional life. Please make sure to check your PBSC email for notifications when you have earned a badge or micro-credential. Earners will be notified by college email once a badge is earned. See examples of current badges.



  • Badge: An electronic representation of learning achieved within a specific pathway.
  • Micro-Credential: An electronic representation of learning achieved from accumulated badges in a pathway.
  • Pathway: Focused learning modules geared to providing a learner skills and proficiencies in a narrow subject.
  • Student Backpack: Digital space in badging platform that houses all digital badges and micro-credentials earned by the learner.


Anatomy of a Badgr Open Badge

Badgr Badge Example Image


The items below make up the digital badge, are very important to its integrity, and carry over across platforms where the badge is used or presented by its earner.

  • Badge Name
  • Badge Criteria
  • Badge Image
  • Issuer (college and department)
  • Recipient
  • Tags (issued by department)
  • Alignment (Standards)
  • Issue Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Evidence


Micro-Credential Action Team

Team Contact
Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado
Phone: 561-207-5050

Committee Members

  • Dr. Marilys Galindo
  • Dr. Thomas Gauthier
  • Nefi Narvaez
  • Debra-Anne Singleton
  • Ronald Widdoss


Get Started: Proposal for Creating a New Micro-Credential

Are you interesting in having a new micro-credential or badge created for your department? Use the checklist below to help you complete the TeamDynamix online form. Please make sure you have all the necessary information BEFORE completing the form.

Micro-Credentialing Proposal Checklist

  • Requestor name:
  • Phone number:
  • Supervisor name: (associate/assistant dean, executive director, or director)
  • Vice president or chief HR officer:
  • Is this an academic affairs unit proposing the badge?
  • Are any other departments involved?
  • Name of badge or micro-credential:
  • When will the badge or micro-credential be available?
  • Who is the audience for the badge or micro-credential?
  • Will this badge or micro-credential stack onto another?
  • Please describe the badge or micro-credential in 200 words or less.
  • List industry or college-aligned learning outcomes.
  • Do you have any supporting materials to upload?
  • What course and/or experiences will be required?
  • What is the final product that learners must produce (audio, video, document, PowerPoint, etc.)?
  • How will the learning be assessed?
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