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Math Jump Summer Program

Math Jump is a one-week intensive and interactive summer immersion program in mathematics. The boot camp is hosted on the Lake Worth campus.

Throughout the program, students participate in hands-on, discovery-based learning activities that embrace the themes of “Valuing Diversity” and “Building Community.” 

Carefully selected mathematics faculty, tutors and Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders, devoted to the goals of the program, help students work collaboratively to build mathematical confidence and develop new and lasting friendships with other diverse members of their cohort. Student program participants enhance their leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.


Why Math Jump?

The PBSC Math department provides coping techniques for math, network support and successful participants receive a Math Club membership.

Two Palm Beach State college credits will be awarded to those that complete the program. (Does not impact Financial Aid credits requirements of maximum 60 credits.)


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