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Online Curriculum System

Curriculum Management is now ONLINE! Watermark logo

PBSC has implemented Watermark Curriculum Strategy for online curriculum management. All curriculum requests will now be submitted via the online system.  

In Watermark you can:

  • Submit your program and course actions using online interactive forms. 
  • Save your draft, attach documentation and track your changes.
  • Collaborate with other authors on proposals.
  • Electronically review and approve submissions.
  • Track your proposal's progress through the  college's review and approval processes. 


Getting Started

The PBSC Single-sign On (SSO) is integrated with Watermark so you can log in with your existing PBSC username & password.  See below for User Guides, FAQs and more information about the new Watermark Curriculum Strategy online system. 

Click the button below to sign in to the Watermark Curriculum Strategy system. 

Watermark Login



What is PBSC Curriculum Management system?

Our curriculum management system allows faculty to submit curriculum actions (revisions, additions, deletions) for courses or programs at the College.  Faculty will be able to track each step in the approval process within the new Watermark online management system.

How do I access the system?  

Click on the Watermark Login button from the Curriculum Development web pages and log in with your existing PBSC username & password. 

Can I bookmark the URL?  

No, you can only access the SSO via the links provided.  However, you can save the SSO URL to the MyLinks section on your MyPBSC page for your convenience.  

What if I cannot login or have trouble logging in?

If you are unable to login to the online curriculum management system, contact the Curriculum Coordinator in Academic Services, Sharokina De Mirza (

Can I still submit a paper action form?

Paper forms are no longer accepted.  Any new program proposals/terminations initiated with paper forms should be entered into the online system to continue the process.  Academic Service can assist you in transitioning from paper to an online submission.  

How can I get additional help submitting a program or course action online?

If you would like additional assistance submitting course or program actions online in the course management system, please contact the Curriculum Coordinator to schedule a time.


The New Watermark form names for corresponding requests are listed below.  
NEW Watermark Form Old PBSC Paper Form
New Course Form Course Addition Packet
Change Course Form Course Revision Packet 
Delete Course Form Course Deletion Packet
New Program Form

New Program Discussion and Proposal Form Steps 1 & 2


Program/Concentration Addition Packet

  • Existing State CIP
  • New State CIP
Change Program Form Program/Concentration Revision Packet 
Delete Program Form

Program Termination


Program/Concentration Deletion Packet

Course Fee Form

Special Fee Assessment Worksheet

AA Track Development


General Education Addition or 

Deletion Form



Faculty & Staff Resources

Watermark Login Guide- One page information sheet highlighting instructions and screens (PDF)

Watermark User Views - Orientation for users highlighting features and screens (PDF)

Watermark Submission Guide - Two page information sheet highlighting how to access and submit forms for your curricular requests (PDF)

Watermark Approver Views - Orientation for users reviewing and approving online submissions (PDF)

If you would like additional assistance navigating the Watermark Curriculum Strategy, please contact the Curriculum Coordinator to schedule a time.

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