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Financial Aid Portion of the Curriculum Process

Curriculum actions for new programs or for programs that are significantly changed include documentation related to applying for Title IV Federal Financial Aid. Complete the online Program Eligibility Request Form and email to the Financial Aid Designee for review. The Financial Aid Designee will determine if the program will be a potential Title IV approved program. Financial Aid Designee will return the signed Program Eligibility Request Form to the Program Designee. This documentation should be submitted to Academic Services along with the curriculum action forms.

Bachelor and Associate degree programs are automatically approved for financial aid but CCC, CCP, ATD, and ATC programs must go through a rigorous review by Federal Financial Aid before approval is granted. 

Below are links to support documents that help with the process:

For new programs, confirmation of financial aid approval can take 6 months to a year confirm.  For more information about the process, email Teresa Armas, Financial Aid Associate Director at

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