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Financial Aid Portion of the Curriculum Process

Curriculum actions for new programs or for programs that are significantly changed include documentation related to applying for Title IV Federal Financial Aid. This documentation should be processed at the time of the curriculum action, since completion and verification of financial aid approval can take some time.

Below are links to support documents that help with the process:

  • PowerPoint Presentation on how to submit Title IV application 
  • The Title IV (Federal Financial Aid) New Program Application (included in all new program curriculum packets)
  • Sample Deans' Council New Program Application (pdf)
  • Sample EMSI Report (pdf)
  • Sample Approved Program Listing with CIP Number, UNits and Occupational Completion Points from Curriculum Committee minutes (pdf)
  • Sample FLDOE Letter (pdf)
  • Sample SACS Letter (pdf)

For new programs, confirmation of financial aid approval can take 6 months to a year confirm.  For more information about the process, contact Financial Aid Analyst, Teresa Armas, (561)868-3443.

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