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Members & Schedules

2020-2021 Curriculum Committee Members

Faculty and Instructors

Trineshia Sellars, Chemistry - 3rd Year LW - CHAIR
Juliett Tracey, Business - 2nd Year LW - CO-CHAIR
Cynthia Alexandre, Mathematics - 4th Year LW - Past Chair
Dr. Angela Adame-Smith, Psychology - 2nd Year BR
Dr. Jehu Chong, Business/BAS - 2nd Year LW
Julia Steff, Health Sciences/HIM- 1st Year Lox
Chad Crouse, Public Safety/Fire - 1st Year LW
Lawanna McCoy, Social Science & Dev Ed Math - 1st Year BR
Joseph Brownlee, Mathematics - 1st Year BR
Dr. Nadine Sirota, Nursing BS - 2nd Year LW 
Eligio Marquez, Trade & Industry/Automotive - 3rd Year LW
Alan Mullenax, Trade & Industry/Low Voltage - 2nd Year LW

Administrative Members

Dr. Velmarie Albertini, Dean, Curriculum - District (Non-voting)
Teresa Armas, Financial Aid Clock Hour Manager   
Kenneth Badaracco, Campus Registrar - PB Gardens
Santrel Carries, Associate Registrar Senior  
Jennifer Johnson, Interim Academic Associate Dean 
Dr. Kathleen Karran-McCoy, Dean Student Development 

Christi White, Academic Curriculum Coordinator - (Non-voting) 

2020-2021 Curriculum Committee Agenda Schedule 
Meeting Date Time Submission Date
9/24/2020 3 p.m. 8/20/2020
10/29/2020 3 p.m. 9/17/2020
12/3/2020 3 p.m. 10/29/2020   Final submission for new programs
1/28/2021 3 p.m. 12/18/2020
2/25/2021 3 p.m. 1/21/2021
3/25/2021 3 p.m. 2/25/2021
4/22/2021 tentative 3 p.m. 3/25/2021


New and deleted programs must be approved by the DBOT. New programs may not be advertised or offered for enrollment until they have been approved by the DBOT. All DBOT meeting agenda items not submitted by noted deadlines will be moved to the next scheduled Board meeting.  For DBOT items that need approval by a certain date, please submit for the Board's review two (2) meetings before the month the items must be executed.  Deadlines will be strictly enforced and any exceptions must be approved by your manager and presented to President's Cabinet. Please allow adequate time for this approval process.


ALL required curriculum forms and support documents should be submitted electronically to Academic Services for a curriculum action. Curriculum actions will only be posted to a Curriculum Committee agenda once ALL required documents and signatures are received by Academic Services.

With VPAA approval, Emergency Curriculum Committee action votes may be conducted from May 1 until July 1, for inclusion in the catalog addendum with an effective start date of January 2022.


All new course fees (excluding: Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) fees and Medical Accident and Liability fees) are to be publicly noticed twenty-eight (28) days prior to undergoing DBOT review and reviewed once per year.

  • January - Fee change submission deadline
  • June  - Annual update of tuition and fees (aligned with tuition)
  • Spring Term - New and changed fees become effective

Curriculum Meeting Locations

The Curriculum Committee meetings may be held in CE 119 in Lake Worth and available for members and presenters via Skype or Zoom invitation at the other college locations. (Belle Glade TEC 220, Boca Raton AD 306, Loxahatchee LGA 216 and Palm Beach Gardens AD 207). Contact Christi White for details.

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