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Members & Schedules

2017-2018 Curriculum Committee Members

Faculty and Instructors

Susan Aguila, English/Lit - 1st Year
Cynthia Alexandre, Mathematics - 2nd Year LW

Emmanuel Alvarado, Spanish - 1st Year PBG
Patty Braga, Sonography - 2nd Year, PBG
Robin D'Agati, Accounting - 1st Year LW
Timothy Finamore, Math - 1st Year BR
Wendy Mendez-Hasselman, Spanish - 2nd Year BR

Hector Hernandez, BAS IM - 2nd Year District
Daniel Neff, Trade and Industry - 2nd Year LW
Chastity O'Malley, Biology - 1st Year BR
Trineshia Sellars, Chemistry, 1st Year LW

Zenaida Espinosa, Interior Design - 3rd Year LW CHAIR

Administrative Members

Velmarie Albertini, Dean, Curriculum - District (Non-voting)
Mike Sfiropoulos, Interim Academic Assoc Dean - 2nd Year LW

Michelle Williams, Campus Registrar - 1st Year BG & Lox Groves
Kathleen Karran-Mccoy, Student Services Asst. Dean - 2nd Year LW
Teresa Armas, Financial Aid Associate Director
Peter Biegel, Interim College Registrar
Geri Spain, Academic Coordinator (Non-voting)

2017-2018 Curriculum Committee Agenda Schedule # ** + 
Meeting Date Time Submission Date
9/28/2017 3 p.m. 9/1/2017
10/26/2017 3 p.m. 10/6/2017
11/30/2017 3 p.m. 11/1/2017
1/25/2018 3 p.m. 1/4/2018
3/29/2018 3 p.m. 3/1/2018
4/26/2018 3 p.m. 4/4/2018

# Emergency Curriculum Committee action votes can be conducted from May 1 until July 1, 2018 for inclusion in the 2018-2019 catalog addendum with an effective start date of January 2019 with VPAA approval.

 **  Curriculum Action Timeline 2017-2018   New and deleted programs must be approved by the DBOT in a  two step process:

1) The program is read by the DBOT on the first available agenda after Curriculum Committee approval

2) The program is again reviewed and approved by the DBOT on a follow-up agenda.

The program may not be advertised or offered for enrollment until it has been approved by the DBOT. Please allow adequate time for this approval process.

+ALL required curriculum forms and support documents should be submitted electronically to Academic Services for a curriculum action. Curriculum actions will only be posted to a Curriculum Committee agenda once ALL required documents and signatures are received by Academic Services.

Curriculum Meeting Locations

The Curriculum Committee meetings are held in ETA 101 in Lake Worth and available for members and presenters by conference call in the reserved conference rooms at the other college locations. (Belle Glade CRA 105.3, Boca Raton AD 406, Loxahatchee LGA 216 and Palm Beach Gardens AD 207)

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