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Cybersecurity Programs

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Start a Career in Information Security

Safeguarding computer systems from security breaches is an urgent and constant priority for every organization and government. Palm Beach State College offers computer science degrees and certificates with a cybersecurity focus to prepare you for this in-demand career.

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While Palm Beach State offers a wide range of programs in Computer Science and Information Technology, the programs listed below provide the best foundation for a cybersecurity career. Credits earned in College Credit Certificate programs count toward the A.S. degree. The A.S. degree credits transfer into the B.A.S. program.

Cybersecurity Pathway at PBSC

Hands-on Training


PBSC students build marketable skills in our Cybersecurity Lab, which provides a unique environment capable of simulating real-world cyber threats. Learn about the lab and watch our video.


Through the U.S. Department of Labor XCEL-IT program, Palm Beach State College now provides qualified students with specialized programs and job placement services in exciting, high-growth information technology careers.  According to the Department of Homeland Security's website: "America needs well-trained professionals working in cybersecurity roles.  These professionals are critical in both private industry and the government for the security of individuals and the nation." 

The XCEL-IT program offers students the unique ability to work with a nonprofit career center on targeted career opportunities.  Make an appointment with our adviser to discuss your options, class choices and more. Get started in your cybersecurity program today!

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